Foreshortening Anyone?

Hellooooo everyone! Hope you’re all well. My art modeling jobs are finally winding down to make way for . . . SUMMER VACATION!! Woo hoo! Really excited. Just a couple of more days before the sunny beaches of Nantucket 🙂

But the summer gigs have been terrific so far. Not plentiful, but top-notch. I posed Wednesday night for the final session of the Painting Group in SoHo, a job I have worked many times. This month, the group had their hands full with a severely foreshortened reclining pose (their choice, not mine). The artist Joel Spector was particularly inspired by this setup. In fact, it was mainly his request. So I happily obliged and was glad I didn’t have to paint it! Here’s Joel’s lovely work of me, from the painting group on Greene Street:

If you need even more of a foreshortening fill, I encourage my readers to re-visit Fred Hatt’s blog post on extreme foreshortening for images and discussion. Behold the visual depths!

9 thoughts on “Foreshortening Anyone?

  1. scultore says:

    As always, a great model is a gift for an artist. Is it the heat or the time, but I’ve come to love foreshortening, the viewpont provides a really dramatic structure, outside of our daily existance, a trend inspired by your poses. Now if I could learn to write like you..

    • artmodel says:

      Hi Bruce!

      I will always be impressed by artists who tackle extremely foreshortened views. Yes, they are so dramatic and visually interesting. And when we models can freely foreshorten it allows us so much more variety and creativity in our poses.

      Thanks Bruce for your generous comments 🙂


  2. Fred says:

    Thanks for the plug for my blog!

    I like the way the shapes in Joel Spector’s painting become so abstract, especially if you look at it a little out of focus so it becomes flat.

    Have a great time in Nantucket!

    • artmodel says:


      You’re very welcome for the plug! That blog post of yours is one of my all time favorites.

      That’s a great observation about Joel’s painting. The image also enlarges very nicely with two clicks and you can see close-up the beautiful texture of the paint on the canvas.

      I will try to call you before I leave for Nantucket. Thanks for the comments!


  3. Jennifer says:

    Great rendition of the pose from hell … 🙂

  4. violinhunter says:

    Lovely work. I often wonder why models do not earn royalties on works they pose for – they are so much a part of the artist’s work. Is there no Model’s Union? 🙂

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