Summer Daze

For those of you who are interested, my guest post is now published on the blog Little Seal. I’m still beyond flattered that Emily Rapp invited me to contribute. Writing the piece was a gratifying experience for me. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Emily. I look forward to hearing about Spain!

In other news, there is no other news 😛  Except that I have to go to work tonight and it’s a hot, muggy, sticky day here in NYC with thunderstorms on the way. But it is nice and refreshing when the breeze blows. And we art models have the unique advantage of being happily cool and clothing-free in stuffy art studios. Nudity ain’t bad.

Our family trip to Nantucket is less than four weeks away! The sand and beaches and laid-back summer fun are dangling before me, taunting me. I wish I could start packing right now!

The Bathers, by Pablo Picasso, 1918:

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