Jivin’ and Publicizin’

Hello dahlings! Hope everyone’s had a good week. Just a quick post to promote the super-cool, inventive and ambitious film composer that is my big brother Chris Hajian. Chris has been out in LA for the past week promoting the new documentary “Unraveled”, for which he composed the original music. The film, directed and produced by Marc Simon, profiles Marc Dreier, an attorney under house arrest prior to sentencing, who masterminded a giant hedge fund fraud, embezzled over $400 million, and committed crimes that almost rival those of Bernie Madoff. Chris spoke often and enthusiastically about this film project while he was working on it. I cant wait to see it. Check out this review in the Hollywood Reporter, especially the last sentence which reads “Chris Hajian’s plaintive score adds to the poignancy of this American odyssey.” My brother! πŸ™‚

As for me, I was asked by my friend Emily Rapp to write a guest post for her blog Little Seal. Gosh, I was so flattered! My first “guest post” as a blogger. And of course I am approaching it in a very serious, sincere, and conscientious way. Someone asked me to write for them. I take that as a big deal, an honor, an expectation I want to fulfill. Right now my piece is still a work-in-progress. I go to it every day, stare at it, read, stare some more, cut, add, reword and rework. The usual writing process. It’s getting there. I will let you all know when it’s published.

That’s all for now, my friends. Until next time, and for no reason whatsoever, here’s Marlon Brando shaving πŸ™‚

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