Pollen Count

:tips head back . . . holds eye dropper above . . . squeezes, waits . . . right eye . . . PLUNK!:


:tips head back again . . . holds eye dropper above . . . squeezes, waits . . . left eye . . . PLUNK!:


What a relief. It’s all I’ve been doing since this morning when I awoke to a feeling I would describe as a lit match under each eyelid. Burn, baby, burn!!

My nose is running, my head hurts, so boo hoo 😥 I was fine up until today. And I naively thought – or hoped- I would get through this season allergy-free. No such luck.

Excuse me for a moment . . .  Ah-CHOO!!! Can someone pass the tissues?

Flora, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo:

2 thoughts on “Pollen Count

  1. LK says:

    This was a very vivid post. I felt your pain.

    Hope they go away soon.

    About the picture, I guess it seems appropriate that the painter could not figure out how to shape a flower into the shape of a nose. But then I may be off target in my poor art analyzing skills. : P

    Hope you are doing okay, I think about you all the time,


    • artmodel says:


      Great to hear from you! Yes, much better. That one day was brutal, though.

      I think your art analyzing skills are just fine. That nose is a little odd!

      Thanks for commenting. Hope you’re well.


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