John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Jordan

Good morning Museworthy friends! I am flying out the door very soon to work a full day of art modeling gigs, but before I do I want to announce the long-awaited website of my friend Jordan Mejias. Yaaaayyy!! I’m so happy for him 🙂 Jordan has been hounded by everyone to get a website and now it’s finally launched. His work has appeared here on Museworthy many, many, many times as most of you know. Jordan also has a listing on Saatchi Online with even more beautiful images of his art. So check that out as well. And the last bit of exciting Jordan news is that his work appears in a new book by Schiffer Publishing titled 100 Artists of the Male Figure. You can see news and updates about the book on its Facebook page.

Since today is Monday I’ll upload a quick audio track for “Music Monday”. It’s been way too long since the Beatles have been on this blog, so I’m going to fix that right now. This is Baby You’re a Rich Man. Have a great day, everyone!

4 thoughts on “John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Jordan

  1. Mr. Chip's says:

    Hurray for his book of 100 male art figures!

  2. Ilene Skeen says:

    Anyone interested in this worthy and interesting book should read the review published today at in the blog called Body Language. Here is the direct link:

    The review mentions Jordan as well as some other artists and all of the artists in the book are listed, so people can see exactly who is in it.

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