Prince and the Birds

I came home from work this afternoon to find that a huge flock of migratory blackbirds had invaded my property. What a commotion. They were squawking and yapping, flying and flitting, poking and scavenging, strutting on the ground and perching up in the treetops, flaunting their shiny black feathers, and effectively taking over my garden like a gang of pillagers and plunderers. It seemed like there were hundreds of them. They were everywhere! It was something out of a Hitchcock movie. Naturally I wanted to take a picture of the noisy, marauding band of birds. But the second I opened the window they took off – every last one of them, in unison, flying away in the direction of the park. Boo hoo 😦

Disappointed, I started to put the lens cap on my camera when I noticed my cat Prince nestled in his favorite spot by the flowerpots. He’s really camouflaged in that corner, and he must have been there the whole time during the bird flock craziness. “Prince! I see you there, baby!” Off came the lens cap. I figured if I couldn’t get the picture of the birds I could at least take pictures of another living creature who was a regular garden resident. But I don’t think Prince was in the mood for a photo session. I can read this cat’s mind. So here are his thoughts accompanied by my pictures:

“I’m trying to chill out here. First those crazy birds were making all kinds of racket, and now you’re pointing a camera at me from the house. Can I be left alone please?”

“Oh, so now you’ve moved over to the bedroom window, is that it? Trying to get closer and disturb my quiet time even more. Can’t I get a moment’s peace?”

“I’m not liking this one bit. You’re literally hanging out the window taking pictures of me! Not cool. Not cool at all.”

“I’m stretching my legs and then I’m outta here. Fuck you.”

5 thoughts on “Prince and the Birds

  1. Thom says:

    LOL I love cats and this one is so damn cute! You have the thoughts correct! Yup I’m sure that is what was going on in him brain!! LOL

    • artmodel says:

      Thom, thanks! Yes, Prince is super cute 🙂
      I was most amazed, and amused, that he was apparently sitting there the entire time during the bird invasion!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Prince should meet my grumpy tabby and they could cheer each other up 🙂

    Hope you manage to get some photos of the blackbirds sometime, as they don’t sound at all like our garden blackbirds, which arrive in pairs in the garden and are very placid visitors (too placid, as they unfortunately tend to fall foul of the cats). Hmm, maybe your blackbrds are what we call crows?

    • artmodel says:


      These were too small to be crows. From what I could tell they were predominantly the redwing blackbirds, with some other plain black birds mixed in among the group. Starlings I think. We do get crows around here sometimes but they rarely come down to the ground. They mostly stay high up the in the trees.

      Here’s what I had in the garden invasion:


  3. Jennifer says:

    Similar, but not the same, so they must be a slightly different species. Unfortunately, having said that our relatively tame blackbirds tend to fall foul of the cats, my ginger tom promptly caught the garden blackbird later that morning and brought it into the house. It was a big bird and eventually ended up in the kitchen before finally being released to freedom away from the cat. Hopefully it still had a chance of survival.

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