Let the Creativity Begin

Well it’s about time. After years of my artist friends encouraging me, prodding me, practically ordering me, to try some artwork myself, I’ve decided to give it a go. It’s purely for fun and experimentation, of course. Countless times artists who know me as a model have told me to pick up a brush, a pencil, a pen, a color stick, a marker, anything at all, and just do it. They don’t even care when I tell them I have no talent! 😆

This is might be a lame excuse, but it’s an excuse nevertheless. One of the reasons I haven’t been doing any creative work has been a lack of an actual work space in my home. But now I’ve taken care of that. A corner of my basement that had been previously wasted, clogged up with junk and crap, has been cleared out and set up with a table and stool. So I bought some arts and crafts supplies and now have an actual physical area in which to do work. I do think having a proper work space assists in the process and stimulates motivation, which I for one need as a kickstart. Also, the timing couldn’t be better. I had a tough, painful, emotional day yesterday and could use the creative distraction right about now to take my mind off some heartbreaking revelations.

At the crafts store I bought cardstock, stamps, and inks, for handmade cards. What I’d like is to never buy another commercial card again. I’m only doing handmade from now on. And while I was browsing at the store, I came across the cutest little watercolor set! So I bought it and figured I’d play around with it. I love watercolor anyway and I thought it would be nice to have. Today I cracked it open, set it up, unwrapped the pigments, poured my water and used a clean sheet of watercolor paper for the sole purpose of making squiggly lines. That was my modest goal, and it seems like I succeeded. Squiggly lines – done!

Watercolor demands extreme control with the brush and water distribution, and control, unfortunately, is not my strong suit. Although I did have fun with the colors! But how the hell do you make brown? Seriously. I know I sound like an idiot asking such a stupid question, but how do you make brown???

After the squiggly lines, I made this, just out of my imagination. See my river and my hills and my sky and sun? 🙂  My kit came with only one small brush but it was fairly comfortable to handle.

Now onto the awesome stuff. Check these out. These are dyed paper towels. I used liquid acrylics, and I’d like to state for the record, liquid acrylics ROCK!!! Screw oil paint. Acrylic is the shit!

I know you’re all wondering, “Why the hell is she dyeing paper towels?”. Well there is a reason, believe it or not. They’re for later, for collage. I’m going to make a bunch for future projects. Cloth towels are good too but paper towels have a nicer texture I think.

So I have some ideas and sparks of inspiration. Plus, I found great comfort in the quiet time, just for myself. I’m actually surprised at how comforting it was. Surrounded by my mediums and tools, with music on the radio keeping me company, I discovered that I really needed that time, and will turn to it again often – probably tomorrow! No pressure, no focused purpose, no artistic standards to reach or really anything to prove. I just had fun 🙂

8 thoughts on “Let the Creativity Begin

  1. Terrell says:

    Congrats on your creative growth. This is actually how I became a photographer. I kept getting the same sort of invitations to come draw the nude when I wasn’t modeling, myself. I eventually got hooked on it. Later I added a photo class to my drawing class and took off in that new direction. Hadn’t looked back since…except on the few occasions when I model again.

    • artmodel says:


      Thanks for sharing all that! That’s the way an evolution happens. I have no idea where mine will take me, but we’ll see.

      Good to hear from you!


  2. Gavin says:

    Artists insist brown isn’t a real colour, just a shade of orange. Of course, artists are mostly crazy, so I wouldn’t listen to them. I think they all buy brown seperately and just pretend they know how to mix it.

    Good going on starting to paint/draw/create. Maybe before long you’ll be on the other side of the easel in the life class too. I went the other way, and now I’m struggling to get back to drawing.

    • artmodel says:


      I think you might have revealed the artists’ best kept secret! Yeah, something’s up with browns 😆

      I don’t feel up to taking a life class just yet. Actually, If I do take a class in the future it will be printmaking, mixed media, or sculpture.

      Thanks for your comments!


  3. Fred says:


    There are many different browns, but try mixing red and green, with maybe a little more red than green. That should make a pretty good brown.

  4. Jennifer says:

    This is probably the BEST time, when you are being creative for fun and pleasure! And already you have discovered the lure of of equipment – go in for card supplies, come out with watercolours …. it’s only the beginning! So many people suggest a limited palette, which though I can see the point, seems a crying shame when there are so many beautiful tubes of paint out there to be drooled over!

    I like your idea of painting paper towels for collage. I often lay them down at the beginning for surface texture, but haven’t thought of laying them over paint, for later effects. And with your watercolour squiggles, you are relating nicely to Fred’s doodle blog 🙂 I hope you and your corner will have many happy hours over the years to come!


    • artmodel says:


      Your comments made me so happy! You totally relate! I can tell that you are really connecting with my enjoyment and sense of discovery. I feel like a little kid! And yes, there are so many colors, supplies, and papers to drool over. I’m in the process of planning out my projects and will hopefully post updates. Me and my corner are going to have a blast.

      Thanks Jennifer 🙂


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