Spiritual Body

Hi everyone!! Sorry I missed a Monday post – no music :sob: I got rather busy yesterday with errands, an appointment, and work, and didn’t get home until after 10. So I had no good chunk of blogging time. But I’m here now. Yay!

Last spring, I found myself in what I called a “sloppy computer” phase, and it seems I’ve managed  once again to achieve the computer desktop equivalent of that TV show “Hoarders”. I bookmark a ridiculous amount of stuff and forget to file things properly. It’s happened to my photos too. I published a post the first time called Buried Treasure in which I shared some of my forgotten photos, and I found another one that I think is really cool and interesting.

I took this picture at The Cloisters over the summer. This piece is fascinating in person:

The wall text description reads as follows:

Torso of Christ
Poplar, gesso, paint, and gilding
France, Auvergne, late 12th century
Said to be from the abbey at Lavaudieu

The inclination of the body and the alignment of the collar-bones suggest
that this sculpture was once part of a group depicting the Descent from the Cross. The naturalism of the anatomy, evident in the forward push of the abdomen, is remarkable for a sculpture of the twelfth century.

With those materials, that’s a true “mixed media” piece, and those paint colors are very unusual. They compliment the natural texture and tone of the wood. When viewed in the room, this sculpture has a very solemn and enigmatic presence. It’s eerie and strange, but also very arresting. It absolutely demands to be photographed, so I did!

5 thoughts on “Spiritual Body

  1. doug rogers says:

    It’s beautiful in so many ways. You’re lucky to live in a town where this kind of stuff is just laying around.

  2. Fred says:

    That is an absolutely fantastic piece. I don’t recall seeing that at the Cloisters, which is one of my favorite museums. Like Venus de Milo, this torso’s power is magnified by its fragmentation. There’s something mesmerizing about the curve of the body, and about the balance between the naturalistic upper body and the abstract drapery. Wow! Thanks for posting that!

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, it’s pretty amazing. I’m happy it impressed you so much. Let’s make a date to go up there so you can see it in front of your eyes – in the spring when there’s NO MORE SNOW!

      Thanks for your comments.


  3. Fred says:

    Claudia, there’s so much snow now that it may be June before it’s all gone! I like snow but my car got plowed in and it’s completely buried up to the windows on all sides, and I stepped into slush deeper than the top of my shoes and my socks are soaking wet.

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