Hey, it’s 2011!!!

Could I be any less creative with that post title? Laaaame. Sorry. Ah, but who cares? Happy New Year Museworthy readers!!! Woo hoo!!

I’m a little late writing to all of you. I planned to post earlier in the day to greet the new year but I had the opportunity to go to the movies. Saw “The King’s Speech”. Really, really good! Plus, I think I’m officially in love with Colin Firth. Well, is there any adult woman of sound mind who isn’t in love with Colin Firth? I think not 😉

I hope you all had a marvelous New Year’s Eve, whatever you chose to do – stay home, go out, sleep through it. It’s all good. I’m not a big New Year’s Eve person myself, but the occasion of a brand new year’s beginning is well worth observing, whether via socializing, or quiet personal reflection. Or boozing. Don’t forget the boozing. And now I have just set up the introduction to this crazy painting by the 17th century Belgian painter Adriaen Brouwer. It’s called The Bitter Draught, and I practically burst out laughing when I first saw it. Is that wrong? I don’t know if he intended this to be funny but the guy’s expression is hilarious. The man is clearly not happy with his beverage.

I have a good feeling about 2011. Hope it’s a great one for all of us. Cheers my dear, darling blog friends! See you soon 🙂

13 thoughts on “Hey, it’s 2011!!!

  1. Dave Rudin says:

    Still suffering from Darcy fever, are you, Claudia??? LOL

    Have a happy and healthy new year.


  2. Gavin says:

    I can’t blame you for being in love with a British man. We are quite splendid.

    Happy New Year.

    • artmodel says:


      Very, very, VERY splendid!!!! I adore them 🙂

      So nice to hear from you, my dear British man. Happy New Year!


      • Gavin says:

        Rest assured that it cuts both ways. It’s a little known fact that more British soldiers deserted to marry American women than were lost to American guns during the War of Independence.

        • artmodel says:


          Ah, I love it! We American women have our seductive charms, yes? Strong enough to lure soldiers from battle 🙂


          • Gavin says:

            I have to point out that the film is an appalling travesty of history and that it was the sacrifice of millions of ordinary Brits that held the line against Hitler, Stalin and Tojo all those years. I mean we could have taken the easy option and saved the Empire, it’s not like it wasn’t offered.

            Not wanting to make a fuss about it, but I do feel the film isn’t really a fair depiction of Britain during the war…

  3. Fred says:

    That painting is like a snapshot, in how it captures a momentary expression. It could go on the “last night’s party” site and blend right in!

    Happy 2011! I’m back from my travels.

    • artmodel says:


      WELCOME HOME!!!!!! I missed you!! So glad you’re back 🙂

      And how nice for you to return home, check in on Museworthy and be confronted with this hideous face in the Brouwer painting 😆

      Happy New Year, sweetie. Talk soon.


  4. Aktmodell2 says:

    I found your blog as I surfed around looking for other life models. Nice to “meet” others that are doing the same work as I do. Will follow your blog in the future. Unfortunately my blog is written in Norwegian so far, should probably change this into English in the future. Time will show….

    • artmodel says:


      Welcome fellow life model! Great to have you here. And don’t worry about your blog written in Norwegian – that’s what Google Translate is for!

      Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year!


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