Word of Mouth

Hellooo everybody! Just a quick post that might be of interest to local Museworthy readers. I’ve been hearing really good things about two exhibitions currently on display at two of our major museums. The first is a show at the Guggenheim called “Chaos and Classicism: Art in France, Italy, and Germany, 1918 – 1936”. An instructor at FIT raved about it and strongly encouraged me to check it out. I haven’t yet but I definitely will soon, especially since I have some free days over the next couple of weeks.

The next one is at the Met and it’s called “Man, Myth, and Sensual Pleasures: Jan Gossart’s Renaissance”. Now I don’t know anything about this Flemish painter Gossart, but any art exhibit with the phrase “sensual pleasures” in the title sounds good to me 😉

The last word of mouth involves my own mouth. Yes, I’m off to the dentist in a little while for my first of two appointments. Waaah! I didn’t even attempt to find a dentist-related work of art to include in this post. Instead I have Pierre Bonnard’s Nude With Black Stockings, from 1900. The way I figure it is if I show up at the dentist’s office like this, he will be kind and gentle with me. Good strategy, right? Hey, I have black thigh-high stockings so why not? 😆

10 thoughts on “Word of Mouth

  1. Jennifer says:

    Of course, now I’m wondering if there is any dental-related art! Hope that he is duly gentle with you …

    Enjoyed your Lennon post, especially as we visited the Dakota buildings when in New York. My husband visited New York way back when it was lively but scuzzy and indeed lamented its loss, but I’m not convinced that as a tourist I would have enjoyed it like that. However, I can certainly empathise with artists etc being priced out of Manhattan as of course exactly the same has happened/is still happening in London.

  2. I plan to see that Chaos To Classicism show this week-end actually but it’s up til Jan. 9th.- it’s got several artists I’m interested in- and it’s a time period I’ve always been fascinated by.
    The Gossaert show at the Met isn’t as interesting- but worth going to, if only for the superbly painted skull behind a small diptych- it’s stranger than anyhting Dali or any of the Surrealists ever painted.

  3. also there are several interesting shows in Chelsea- foremost being the staggering Anselm Kiefer show- there’s also a Philip Pearlstein show and in the upper east side there’s a John Currin show I’ve yet to see myself. You missed a great Claudio Bravo show, it went down last week.

  4. Stephen says:

    this is so beautiful – was Pierre Bonnard the artist who always painted his wife?
    If you pitch up at the dentist like this you will certainly cause a stir in the waiting room.
    I hope your dental work is going well

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, Bonnard did many paintings of his wife Marthe and I believe that’s her in the black stockings. I, however, did not wear black stockings to the dentist. But it’s going well anyway.

      Thanks for commenting!


  5. I have been away from your blog too long, Claudia! Awesome painting – I don’t look at Bonnard much, so I’d never have found it without your pointing it out. I hope your teeth are happy, even if you didn’t cause a stocking-related ruckus at the dentist’s.

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