Still Life

You know that you’ve reached a state of complete and utter boredom when you spend 20 minutes out of your day setting up fruit and photographing it for no reason whatsoever. My art modeling schedule has slowed down considerably. Most people would use this free time to get a head start on holiday shopping, do house chores, or something even remotely productive. But not me. I stare at the fruit in my kitchen basket, arrange them on top of a cabinet, get out my Nikon D5000, and take pictures. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I have lazy, idle tendencies. Yes, I can goof off, procrastinate, and waste time with the best of them!

I call this “Study of Apples and Pears”. So what do you think? Would Cezanne be impressed? 😆

That’s a Red Delicious apple, a Golden Delicious apple, a Bartlett pear, a Granny Smith apple, and a Bosc pear. Thrilling!! Fascinating!! The Golden, by the way, is no longer with us. He met his demise after this photo was taken. I needed a snack after such hard work!

15 thoughts on “Still Life

  1. Morandi, one of my favorite painters, once said: ” It takes me weeks to make up my mind which group of bottles will go well with a particular coloured tablecloth.”
    With my still-lifes I find that arranging them takes more time than the actual painting.
    I think Morandi or Zurbaran would be pretty happy with your arrangement.

    • artmodel says:


      Thanks! Morandi was the still life king and has many admirers. I didn’t know much about him until that exhibition at the Met a couple of years ago.


  2. Ilene Skeen says:

    You never cease to delight! It’s interesting that you ate the Golden Delicious because if there is a “hero” in the picture, it is that one. So what does the picture look like with the rest of them observing “The Sacrifice of the Golden Delicious”?!

    • artmodel says:


      I should have taken a picture without the Golden Delicious!! Why didn’t I??? Damn. Better yet, I should have cut it up and put just a slice of the Golden in there to look like a real “sacrifice”.

      I agree that the Golden is definitely pulling its weight in this arrangement. I also think the Granny Smith is making a statement.

      Thanks so much for your comments!


  3. doug rogers says:

    Bosc would be the first to die.

  4. Mark says:

    I like your color arrangement. Personally, I would have eaten the Granny Smith.

    • artmodel says:


      Thank you! I like the color arrangement too. And Granny Smiths have gradually won me over. I never used to like them but now I do. Nice tart flavor.


  5. Thom says:

    Hey look at you!!! NICE work, but I’m coveting that Bartlet pear!!! LOL

    I was fortunate to shoot a woman yesterday morning as a prelude to her pregnancy. She’d never posed nude before but by the end felt being nude in front of my and my assistant was easy, NORMAL and NATURAL!! I’m very excited to shoot her in 3 months when she has a good baby bump!

    Otherwise like you I’d be bored and short of models and have to shoot something other than models, that is myself!! LOL

    • artmodel says:


      As of now, the Bartlett pear is still alive, but not for long!

      We’ve had a few models here in the city who have posed throughout their pregnancies, right up to the ninth month. The artists really enjoy the experience and I think the models do to. Good luck with the project!

      Thanks for your comments.


  6. Pigmentpondering beat me to the punch – this reminded me of Morandi, with the flattened plain, frontal lighting, and dimming toward black around the edges. Beautiful work, Claudia!

  7. Er, that would be flattened *plane*. [smacks forehead]

    • artmodel says:


      I’m loving these Morandi comparisons! If I ever quit art modeling I could start a new career as “still life arranger”! Not still life ARTIST, just arranger 😆

      Honestly, I was surprised at how well the lighting turned out. I just checked my camera settings and moved a window curtain and started shooting. So glad you like it Daniel!


  8. Jennifer says:

    Is your blog snowing? Must be as cold in NYC as it is here! Lovely eclectic mix of fruit and colours! Have been reading your blog (and Fred’s) as usual and enjoying them, but got a BlackBerry a few weeks ago (so as to keep in better contact with my daughter now that she’s several hundreds of miles away at uni) and have found that I tend to read the blogs on the BB, but then commenting is more problematic. Hope the modelling picks up before Xmas, although I guess it can be the usual freelance life (speaking as one), of feast then famine! (Or at least a slow-down.) If it’s as cold there as here, rug up well!!

    • artmodel says:

      Jennifer! Wonderful to hear from you 🙂

      Yes, my blog is snowing. A little December visual effect! It’s appropriate too because we had snow flurries here in NYC this morning.

      Glad you’re keeping up with your blog reading. Yes, the erratic nature of freelance work has descended on me, but I’m quite used to it. I’m in a holiday lull right now but it will more likely pick up after New Year’s than before Christmas. Luckily, I have enough jobs between now and then to hold me over.

      Enjoy the Blackberry! I love mine, but I agree that its browser use is not great. I use it primarily for emailing, texting, and phone calls. I do sometimes read blogs/websites on it but not often.

      Thanks so much for your comments Jennifer. Keep warm!


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