Friday Night Lights

Once or twice a year my brother Chris and I have a brother/sister “date night”. We don’t do it nearly as much as we should, but when we do we always have a terrific time. Chris and I are super close and enjoy each other’s company. We’ve always gotten along extremely well. Last Friday night we attended the New York Philharmonic concert at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall. The program was first rate. I’m going to share it here for “Music Monday”:

Glinka, Overture to Russian and Ludmilla

Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto in D Major

Debussy, Nocturnes, “Clouds”, “Festivals”, “Sirens”

Stravinsky, Suite from The Firebird

Chris and I, both huge Stravinsky fans, were there mainly for The Firebird, which is as stunning and dazzling as a musical composition can be. I always feel sorry for the orchestra during that piece because some of those parts are really hard to play. The brass section definitely has its work cut out for it! Gotta love loud trumpets 🙂

Lincoln Center was looking gorgeous on Friday. It was a cold night but that didn’t deter people from milling around the Plaza outside to marvel at the fountain. Here’s a picture I took, with frostbitten hands, just a few minutes before Chris and I went inside:

Yesterday I sent out an email to literally my entire address book. Now I’d like to make the same announcement here to my blog readers. The December issue of ARTNews magazine, now available on newsstands, features an article titled “Nothing Like the Real Thing”. Wonderfully written by Gail Gregg, it explores the growing popularity of artists working from life models. I did a phone interview with Gail a couple of months ago and am quoted in the article. Other models are quoted too, along with artists such as Philip Pearlstein, Sigmund Abeles, and my friend Daniel Maidman. And check this out: “Museworthy” is mentioned in the article by name. How cool is that? It’s the first time Museworthy is referenced in a print publication, so it makes me feel pretty good 🙂 Wait, it gets better. Jean Marcellino’s pastel drawing of me from this blog post, appears on page 71 of the ARTnews article. Yay! So if any of you find yourself in a Borders or Barnes and Noble, head on over to the Art section of the magazines and pick up a copy. The article is a great read on a topic very near and dear to my heart.

11 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

  1. yay! great musical evening- and congrats on the Art News article!

  2. Bill says:

    I saw the article — I was really happy for you — you and the blog are getting some well-deserved recognition. Congratulations!

  3. Dave Rudin says:

    Congratulations on the publication and the mention. I let my subscription to Art News lapse as I’m behind on reading it (I’m still working on reading the May issue!), but I’ll try to get to a bookstore to look for you in the new one.

    That was a nice program you heard at the Philharmonic. My favorite of the group is the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, but The Firebird is certainly good, too. (To be honest, though, I have never really cared for Stravinsky’s violin concerto. I haven’t heard it for a while, but I always thought it sounded rather like chalk being scratched on a blackboard! To each his/her own, I guess.)

    • artmodel says:

      Hi Dave!

      I hope you’re able to check out the ARTnews article. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

      I agree with you about Stravinksy’s violin concerto. It’s not one of his better compositions to be sure. Like you, I haven’t listened to it in a while. I much prefer his symphonic/ballet work. “The Rite of Spring” is probably my favorite.

      Chris and I shared the same mixed feelings about the violin soloist for the Tchaikovsky. But the audience in Avery Fisher Hall that night clearly disagreed with us. They loved him. Gave him a standing ovation and called for an encore.

      The Debussy was amazing! We were blown away by it.

      Thanks so much for your comments. Great to hear from you!


  4. Claudia – I can still hardly believe it myself. I am so happy for you and for your work, both writing and modeling, to get some of the attention it deserves.

    • artmodel says:


      Thank you so much! It’s exciting for both of us. We really love what we do, and any bit of exposure is a good thing. Let’s hope there’s more in the future!


  5. Dave Rudin says:

    Hi, Claudia.

    I went to Borders today and saw the new Art News. Unfortunately, I couldn’t look inside because all of the copies were wrapped in plastic! I guess in a prudish country like ours, a magazine with the cover story “Shock of The Nude” has to be kept under wraps to prevent any unsuspecting innocents from being scarred for life by seeing something scandalous inside – even if its an art magazine.

    Still, it does look like an issue I’d like to see and read, so I’ll try to get over to Barnes & Noble soon where I can get it with my discount card. I’ll let you know when I do.

    Regarding Stravinsky, I think my favorite work of his may be “Petrouchka,” along with his “Scherzo a la Russe.” Both are a lot of fun to listen to. “Rite of Spring” is a great work, too, though very different. As you know, the French title is “Le Sacre de Printemps,” but after its premiere, one critic called it “Le Massacre de Printemps.”

    Oh, I forgot to mention that one of my photos is currently in a magazine, too. (Thankfully, a photo by me rather than one of me!) It’s in the current issue of B&W magazine, and the published photo is a double exposure nude that won a Bronze Award. You can read about it on my blog at:



    • artmodel says:


      I read your blog post. Congratulations on the award! Awesome! LOVE the photo. Who was the model?

      That would have really bothered me too, the miscategorization of “digital”. Bad mistake. But it’s good that you got a response, especially a phone call.

      Isn’t it hilarious that the ARTnews was wrapped in plastic? I saw that too in a Borders. Kind of like Penthouse 😆 And the funny thing is that cover nude isn’t really explicit at all.

      Yes, “Petrushka” is wonderful. Pierre Boulez’ conducting of it is absolutely brilliant:

      As for “The Rite of Spring”, I wrote a little bit about it in a blog post last year:

      Thanks, as always, for your comments!


      • Dave Rudin says:

        Hi, Claudia.

        I bought the Art News yesterday and took it out of the plastic today! Great picture of you and great that you were mentioned by name. I didn’t have time to read the whole story, but I’ll try to read it this weekend and send you an e-mail about it next week.

        By the way, the model in my magazine photo is Rachel from Maine.



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