Greetings on Thanksgiving morning 🙂  Cold and cloudy here in New York, but hearts are warm and buoyant. I’m heading up to Pelham in a little while for Thanksgiving gathering at my Aunt Iris’ house. Looking forward to it!

So we give thanks today even though we really should give thanks every single day of the year. To me, the act of giving thanks is a priority-straightener. Therein lies the value of this annual Thanksgiving ritual. It’s our reminder that those petty, unimportant things are just that – petty and unimportant. And we learn, hopefully, that joys are to be found quite literally everywhere, all the time, every moment of the day, in a multitude of forms. It is a crime to take such things for granted. I sit here writing to my blog audience for which I am grateful. And my close, loving family – there are no words to convey my gratitude for such exceptional people. I’m also eating an incredibly sweet and juicy clementine orange which deserves a smidgen of thanks. A good one is not so easy to find!

And then there’s Prince the cat who is, at this very moment, staring at me from the side stoop. Although he doesn’t know it, his big green eyes and full-throated meows make me smile every morning before I head out for a hectic, tiring day in the city. Thanks to Prince!

Most of all, at this stage of my life, I am grateful for my art modeling career and the amazing friends I’ve made through this rewarding and inspiring work. They have come to mean a great deal to me, in more ways than they know.

Here I am, drawn by one of those special friends. From Fred Hatt, created at Figureworks Gallery:

A very happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I’ll see you all soon!

Peace and blessings . . .

Claudia 🙂

6 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Another beautiful drawing from Fred! Thanks for the lovely Thanksgving post Claudia! Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you – one of my many things to be thankful for was working with you this year. So thank you too…

  2. happy Post-Thanksgiving!

  3. Fred says:

    Thanks for posting another one of my drawings of you. I was sorry I had to miss your session at Figureworks this weekend. I hope you had a great holiday. I’m grateful for you!

    • artmodel says:


      I’m always proud to post one of your drawings. They look great on Museworthy.
      Not a problem about the missed session at Figureworks. We’ll make it up on our own time very soon.

      Thankful for you, dear friend. And welcome home!


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