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So I was thisclose to joining Facebook. Honestly, truly, swear to god. It was right on the verge of happening, the result of me finally caving in to increased pressure from friends and acquaintances. But that’s ok. That’s not the problem. The problem is that on the VERY DAY I had planned to do my Facebook signup, this troubling story about the social networking site was plastered all over the web. Excuse me, but what kind of creepy, bumbling, suspicious, Orwellian crap is this? Asking for government-issued photo IDs? Phishing emails? Bugs? Hacking? Unresponsive customer service? And only women’s accounts?? Fuck outta here with that shit.

I have harbored trepidations about joining Facebook for a long time. Now, just as my attitude had finally swung in favor of getting on the Facebook bandwagon, all this recent bad PR has swung my pendulum back against it, this time for good I’m afraid. Do not want. Do. Not. Want.

Eh. I’m over it. I apologize to my friends who were prodding me. I recognize that they were doing so with the best of intentions and I feel bad disappointing them. But Facebook just rubs me the wrong way. The dubious privacy issues, the data mining, and the Mark Zuckerberg douche factor are too repellent.

If you are reading this post right now then you are on Museworthy. And Museworthy is my teensy little corner of the internet. I love it here. This is all I need. I simply don’t have that void that requires filling by Facebook. If I want to communicate with my friends I call them or email them or text them. What’s the big deal? And if my friends want to know what’s going on with me and my life, they can call or email me. They can also come right here to Museworthy. Now I ask you, isn’t this a much nicer place than Facebook? 🙂

16 thoughts on “Antisocial Network

  1. gretel says:

    My goodness…. can I ever relate! As a figure model myself, countless instructors would mention “hey, I’ll just facebook you with times, schedules, etc…”! So, the fear of missing a booking mixed with younger siblings requests/teasing, I caved! That was 6 months ago. And I can’t even begin to tell you the headaches that it brought on.

    Be strong, Claudia! Don’t give in. I heard the saying not too long ago during a lecture that Social Networking is “not me but the media representation of who I want to be”. So, true! I have a better idea… lets just be the “me” that we want to be everyday in real life!

    On a side note… this is my first time posting a comment although I have often turned to your pages for inspiration. Who knew my social networking rage would be the catalyst! 🙂 Anyways, my deepest gratitude for sharing with us. Your postings have lightened many a days’ mood for me. I am a huge fan of what you create here on Museworthy.

    xo, gretel

    • artmodel says:


      I’m glad you decided to post your first comment on Museworthy, and what wonderful comments they are! 🙂 First, thank you so much for your incredibly kind words about the blog. Second, thanks for backing me up on this whole Facebook thing. I have heard quite a few stories about it causing “headaches” and other problems for people.

      I love what you quoted about our “real life” selves vs our online social networking selves. I think that this blog is as close a representation of my real self as an online presence can be. It’s pretty personal, honest, and expressive, and I believe that’s what attracts readers to Museworthy. Or so I’ve been told. Having said that, I can’t imagine how a Facebook profile would possibly enhance my online presence to any significant degree. If people don’t know me from reading Museworthy regularly then they certainly won’t know me any better from Facebook.

      Thanks again Gretel for your lovely comments. Hope you post again should the mood strike you!


  2. KL says:

    Well said Claudia!
    Earlier this year I managed to push myself away from the computer and turn it off…it all just got to be to much. I realised one day just what a damned thief of my time it had become. It got to be that I was spending more time in front of this screen than painting or even sitting out under the sky in my garden..unacceptable. When I do power it up though, this little corner as you put it, is the first place I go…and to flickr. I find these two to be the most visually rewarding. Better go, my self imposed one hour on the computer is almost up!

    • artmodel says:


      So that explains your being MIA for the past few months! I was wondering where you were, friend. I totally understand where you’re coming from. The internet is addictive, no question about it. Many times I have told myself that I would go on the computer for 45 minutes or an hour max, and then found myself still online almost two hours later! We have to remember to do those things you mentioned – walks, gardening, taking some pictures, or catching up on book reading. For me, it’s that last one which has suffered the most from too much computer time. I used to be buried in books! Now they get bumped for websurfing and I don’t like it.

      Thanks for your comments, and thanks for your loyalty to my “little corner” 🙂
      Oh and by the way, Flickr rocks!


  3. I’m on Facebook- I only joined last year since I found out my whole enitre family was on it and I wanted to do a better job of communicating with them. There are apps in the site that could potentially use your data- I ignore them. Facebook is a tool, no more no less, just like everything else ( like email voice mail, etc.). I’ve made new friends through it, been exposed to cool events and activities through it, played friend-matchmaker through it, obtained jobs and reached a wider audience for my art through it and more importantl, met other artists. It’s like a calling card. Face it, the internet is here to stay- and I realize that it has benefits as well as dangers- we need commonsense to use it of course. Also there is the disturbing fact that whatever you do on the internet is permanently stored somewhere whether you delete it or not. It’s a fact that everyone must come to terms with. Personally I don’t do anything on the internets that I would regret later. Rule of thumb.

    • artmodel says:


      I have heard others credit Facebook for those things you mentioned, and that’s great. I think a lot of it depends on people’s individual situations, needs, and motivations. I am not looking for work connections the way others are, for example, although I have gotten a couple through this blog. Artists like yourself have a lot to gain from Facebook. And you’re also using it to keep in touch with family which is great too. My family is inherently very communicative, sometimes to a fault. So I don’t need Facebook for that at all. We are chronic phone gabbers to the nth degree! 😆

      You are absolutely right about the internet having both good and bad attributes, and it’s up to us as individuals to decide how best to utilize its many tools. I’m actually quite interested in Tumblr and am seriously thinking of starting a small secondary blog over there. I really enjoy the Tumblrs that I look at, and it might be a nice supplemental platform for me to post and express things that I don’t want to clog up Museworthy with. So stay tuned!

      Thanks for your comments.


  4. Just in case you would like some additional reasons not to join Facebook, give this a read:

    That just happened too. I’m not a member and do not ever plan to join.

    • artmodel says:


      That’s insane. Thanks for sharing the link. I already knew how you feel about Facebook and kind of expected you to comment on this post. I’m with you, friend. However, I wrote in my reply to pigmentpondering’s comment above that I will probably start a Tumblr which I think could be fun.

      Good to hear from you!


  5. Shawn says:

    This is a much nicer place. Thanks for your writings. I’m a sculptor and I’ve learned quite a bit here and been entertained. Keep doing it, please.

  6. Shawn says:

    Can see my work here:
    Love reading about Augustus Saint Gaudens, Harriet Fishmuth, Daniel Chester French etc.

    • artmodel says:


      Hello and thank you! Great to have a sculptor aboard. Actually I’m really glad you commented because I was just noticing that I haven’t done enough sculpture posts in recent months and I feel bad about it. I will definitely do more. I have a ton of sculpture photos that I took at the Met which I haven’t used on the blog, so I’ll post them soon.

      Thanks for noting Harriet Frishmuth, by the way. My blog post with the photo of “The Vine” has been reblogged and linked all over the place and I’m really flatttered 🙂

      I appreciate your comments, Shawn. And yes, I will “keep doing it”. You can count on it.


  7. Thom says:

    As an Art Nude photographer I’ve seen the mindless censorship in Facebook. For my business it does provide an important place to communicate to fans and potential customers. Though I don’t post photos of my work I do try and send people to my website.

    It can be used if you stay within their arbitrary and draconian rules as a tool to promote my work.

    I’m so happy I’ve found your site. It is a great insight into one persons life as an Art Model.

    I would also like to say that I’ve been prodded and encouraged by some of my models to try my hand at being on the other side of the lens, and also as a drawing class model. I’m looking forward to this opportunity to fully participate in the Art process.

    • artmodel says:


      Great comments, thank you! I appreciate your fair assessment of Facebook. I think I would have trouble adhering to their “arbitrary, draconian rules”. Well, I COULD if I made the effort, I just don’t want to make the effort!

      I’m glad your models have encouraged you to do some modeling yourself. You’ll enjoy the experience.

      You’re a wonderful photographer. Hope you keep on following Museworthy!


  8. Thom says:

    Well thanks for the compliments on my photography. I love making art with my camera.

    I think I will enjoy doing some modeling. Though I’m NOT your typical male model. I’m 59, but in pretty good shape for my age as I exercise regularly. I also do shoot self nude portraits too. Which is why they have encouraged me!

    I know I’ll enjoy reading this blog!!

  9. Hi Claudia,

    I’m so proud of how brave you are! I’ve tried to get off of facebook and haven’t succeeded. I really want to message my friends on facebook to inquire about me individually. I hate seeing friendship streamlined.

    -Wavie, that old model from Austin

  10. Showing up late as always, but I, for one, support your decision to forgo Facebook, and I have two profiles on the damn thing! My mom finally nagged me into setting up a profile for art networking, which turned out to be one of the most productive things I’ve done with my career so far. But I immediately set up a second profile so that my friends, once they inevitably found me, wouldn’t be stuck with getting art-spam updates all the time. Sure enough, my friends found me, I have to provide content to the art profile, and the whole thing is a big mess. I have met people I like over the medium, but it’s an incredible time-hog and if you don’t have a pressing career or keeping-in-touch need for it, I think its disadvantages outweigh its advantages. Since you’ve got the career you want and the friends and family you need – and this AWESOME blog – I say let it go! And happy Thanksgiving!

    Ever yours,


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