Music At 400

Before I get to “Music Monday”, I want to ask if anyone happened to watch “Great Migrations” on the National Geographic channel last night? And if so, were you as blown away by it as I was? Oh man. It was absolutely incredible. I’m a nature show geek anyway, but this one was so stunning, so moving and utterly fascinating I was thinking about it all day at work today. Couldn’t get it out of my mind -the monarch butterflies, the sperm whales, and those crabs! Wow. Just wow. The most powerful and dramatic segment, I thought, was the wildebeests crossing the river. For those of you who missed it, you can check it out at the NatGeo website.

It turns out that this is Museworthy’s 400th post! Cool. I didn’t even notice it until recently, so I haven’t planned any special commemoration. I think just the fact that I have the capacity to babble on and on and on for 400 blog posts speaks for itself 😆

So rather than try to be clever or cute, I’m just going to post a music-themed painting I like and accompany it with an audio file of music for which I have a deep fondness.

This is Arcadia by American artist Henry Siddons Mowbray. Lovely ladies, lovely instruments, and lovely composition. Loveliness all around!

And this, my friends, is possibly the most beautiful piece of symphonic music ever composed in my opinion. It is the luscious, poignant, exquisitely-crafted third movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, “Adagio Molto E Cantible”. It swirls and rises, gets elegantly tangled and untangled. It has always, to me, sounded like love. It’s 16 minutes long, but I hope you all give it a listen. Here’s to 400 blog posts! :pops champagne:

17 thoughts on “Music At 400

  1. Andrew says:

    What an amazing piece of music. Very soothing.

    Happy 400!

    • artmodel says:


      Thanks for listening! The mp3 uploads don’t do the music justice, especially in the case of Beethoven. If you can, try listening to this movement with earphones or on a good sound system to fully experience the enveloping, dancing quality of this gorgeous adagio. Makes a big difference.


  2. Mark Morrison says:

    Happy Postiversary!
    I read a number of blogs daily but always save yours for last because enjoy it so much. It’s like an intellectual dessert.

  3. good musical selection. happy 400th. your posts are always interesting

  4. Josefin says:

    ~~Dear Claudia~~
    What a wonderful view you show us today
    becuase here in Sweden it is snowing right now : )

    I always like the pictures you put on your site
    and there was a portrait of you by Christine Beck
    a time ago, which was gorgeous and I liked it very much as a painting !!

    Best from Josefin

  5. Bill says:

    Happy 400th! And yes, I agree — you write a great blog.

  6. Claudia – Congratulations! And thank you for going on writing these wonderful and fascinating posts! I am so happy for you and for this amazing piece of ongoing work, and so happy for me, having found you and it. Here’s to another 400!

    Yours as ever,


  7. Ken Januski says:

    Hi Claudia,

    Haven’t visited in a very long time but decided to click the link from 100sparrows site. And what do I find but your 400th post and a reference to that scene with the wildebeests. You’re right it was pretty amazing. I’m not sure I’d want to see it in real life. Congratulations on number 400!

    • artmodel says:


      Good to hear from you. Glad you stopped by. Yes, the wildebeest scene was intense and hard to watch. Definitely wouldn’t want to see it in real life!

      Thanks for your comments!


  8. Jose Acosta says:

    Love your blog. I’m an alum of NYAA from 1996.

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