Comparative Anatomy

Well, hello there! I’m back, babies! Did you miss me?? I definitely missed you. I see that I last posted on Friday night, and I can honestly say I have barely any recollection of doing it. That’s how stressed out, muddled, and tired I was. By the way, my Mom’s birthday party was terrific! Other than my rice dish getting overcooked and clumpy from my having added one too many cups of water (stupid me), the night went off without a hitch, and a buoyant time was had by all 🙂

What I do remember vividly from the previous post is the sore feet. That sucked. My feet are small and on the dainty side, which I assume makes me prone to sore feet. They are rather wimpy in the strength department. I need an on-call reflexologist. How cool would that be? Nightly foot massages . . .  aaaaah.

Minerva Durham gives fantastic anatomy lectures over at Spring Studio during the model breaks. Of all the people I know in the art community, I can honestly say that no one knows anatomy as expertly and flawlessly as Minerva. When I arrived at Spring Studio a couple of weeks ago to pose for the Saturday afternoon session, I saw one of Minerva’s lecture drawings from the morning session lying next to the model platform. My friend Kathi and I noticed it at the same time and we said, almost simultaneously, “nice foot!”. Minerva draws human anatomy as she lectures – fast, freehand, and accurate. And she draws it upside down. She positions the pad on her lap so the group can see what she’s doing and draws upside down without ever turning it right side up to check it. Minerva doesn’t have to. Anatomy is a passion for her, as it should be for every figurative artist.

So I took a picture of Minerva’s cool foot drawing which she probably did in three or four minutes:

Minerva frequently references Henry Gray during her lectures. Yes, THE Henry Gray of Gray’s Anatomy. I’ve been thinking about the blog a lot lately and have decided to do more posts on human anatomy, I hope you all don’t mind that idea. I think we’ll have a lot of fun with it and hopefully deepen our knowledge on the topic. I’m sure I will. Here’s a foot from Gray’s Anatomy. Is it wrong to say I like Minerva’s better?

9 thoughts on “Comparative Anatomy

  1. wow. this teacher is good. nice foot anatomy. I’ve never been a fan of Gray’s- or specifically I’ve never been a fan of the illustrations- I think they lack some clarity. That’s just my opinion. I’ve been meaning to go to Spring St. but something always comes up- I should definitely go there one of these days. glad your week-end and your mom’s birthday bash went well

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, you should go to Spring Studio! But don’t go within the next few days as life drawing sessions are temporarily cancelled due to some construction/renovation. In a couple of weeks it should be re-opened. I’ll keep you and everyone updated.

      Glad you were impressed with Minerva’s drawing. Artists can learn a lot from that woman. She’s incredibly knowledgeable.

      Thanks for commenting on my Mom’s birthday bash! It went really well 🙂


  2. hiramchilders says:

    I recently developed an interest in figure drawing as an adjunct to past physical anthropology studies. I wish I had done so a while ago. the effort is proving to be interesting, challenging, and very informative.

    • artmodel says:


      That’s excellent! Sounds like a challenging practice, indeed. I hadn’t even considered the advantage of doing figure drawing to supplement anthropology study.

      I mentioned in this post that I plan to do more posts on anatomy in the future. I hope you keep stopping by.

      Thanks for your comments!


      • hiramchilders says:

        For a long time I had not considered figure drawing as a supplement to anthropology either, which in retrospect seems astonishingly stupid; there being the whole profession of medical illustration. My children led me to my new interest. Two of my four daughters are enrolled in an arts immersion school and will gladly sit and draw for hours, and the younger two, not in school yet, have to do whatever their big sisters are doing. Our house is now awash in their art.
        Definitely, do more posts on anatomy.

  3. Fred says:

    It’s great to see those two drawings together. The Gray illustration has beautiful detail and precision. Minerva’s sketch is of course much more loose and free, but it is still quite accurate in proportions, and it really communicates the the way the muscles “flow” around the bones, just the kind of understanding that really helps an artist!

    • artmodel says:

      Well said, Fred. I imagine that any visual aid that helps an artist learn human anatomy must be a valuable tool. Minerva’s bone collection at Spring is extensive. As you know, she uses them in her lectures.

      Thanks for your comments!


  4. Ray says:

    Try those gel inserts.Also soak your feet in hot H2O w/ sea salt or epsum salt. You got to baby yourself a little! It make them relax.

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