Jackson Up A Tree

So the past few mornings I’ve had to will myself out of bed. If I didn’t have all this art modeling work I’d probably stay nestled under the warm covers, possibly for hours, sleeping, moping, isolating myself like the dejected little baby that I am these days. But after a couple of sleepy hits on the snooze button of my alarm, I finally pulled myself out of bed this morning. I rubbed my eyes and looked out my bedroom window to find my cat, Jackson, way up in the dogwood tree. It certainly put a smile on face. It was so cute in fact that I got my camera and went out there, with bed hair and sweatpants, and took a picture of his crazy cat ass:

The boy is completely nuts, and I love him for it. And his little white nose. There’s a backstory to this. A roaming tomcat is harassing the other cats in the neighborhood, and an all-out turf war has erupted. I’m pretty sure Jackson was chased up the tree by the tomcat thug. From what I’ve observed there seems to be some bad blood between those two. Ah, cat drama.

I’m sorry to have missed a music post this week. Hope you all forgive me. If it’s any consolation, it’s not solely my mood that’s put me out of synch. It’s a really busy work schedule plus organizing for my mother’s 75th birthday next week. A lot of fun stuff in the works for that terrific, auspicious occasion and my brother, sister-in-law, and I are busy with those plans. So it’s really a very good time 🙂

Hang in there with me, my friends. I’m here, I’ll be fine, I’m still blogging. And my cats will probably still run up trees 😆