First Aid Friday

Ouch!!!  Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Hey everyone. I just had a horrible scissors mishap. It’s bad enough that it’s pouring rain on my day off and can’t go running or bike riding in the park. Now I’ve inflicted injury on myself.  See? This is what happens when I’m confined indoors. I was trying to open a delivery box and was using a pair of scissors. Because I’m such a careless klutz, I cut right into the skin on my hand, in the soft part  between the thumb and the index finger. Ow, man! Hurts! 😥

So after completely freaking out at the sight of blood pouring down my arm, I finally stopped the bleeding. I just hope everyone at Spring Studio tomorrow doesn’t mind their model with a double-bandaged hand. You know, I realize that the modeling platform is the only place where I am graceful and coordinated. In the rest of life I am terribly clumsy.

Can’t really blog anymore. The typing is difficult. This whole post is stupid, right? It’s raining and miserable outdoors. I’m miserable and in pain indoors.

I’ll be back soon. Until then, have a great weekend. And be careful with scissors!!