Just Another Natural Disaster

I’m relieved to announce that I am writing this blog post from my laptop, in my home, with the lights on, and the coffee-maker brewing. Yes my friends, I have power!! Woo hoo!! I’m back online and back in civilization. At least the house smells nice and fragrant from all the scented candles I had to burn. Eucalyptus . . . mmm.

Our fair city is nowhere near fully recovered, though. The tornadoes hammered us hard. Then again, we are urban dwellers and not accustomed to tornadoes at all. Muggings, carjackings, burglaries yes. But not tornadoes!

We’ll have no Music Monday for today so I can share the tornado encounter with all of you. The funny thing is that I was actually supposed to be working that day, holed up in a studio in the New York Academy of Art. But I was informed the day before that the class had been cancelled. I had an unexpected day off, so purely by chance, I was home when the tornado came. There I was, sitting at my kitchen table, when all of a sudden an eerie green cast fell over the street. Everything looked green, like you were looking through a green filter. I figured it was just an approaching rainstorm. But then came the wind. Not your everyday, garden-variety wind. I mean WIND. Violent gusts of aggressive, turbulent, intense, spinning wind. A really, really badass wind. I thought, “Whoa, what’s going on?!”. Next thing I knew, garbage cans and flowerpots are flying down the street, doormats are blowing up in the air, branches are snapping off trees and crashing to the ground, and soon there was no visibility at all. As I ran around my house closing windows, I heard a cracking sound which was absolutely ear-shattering. What the hell was that???? I was really scared.

It turned out that the source of that cracking was directly across the street from me, at my neighbor’s house. Here it is:

Is that insane, or what? Poor Barbara and Gary. At least 50 people have taken pictures of this fallen tree. It’s bizarre the way it ripped out. Where are the roots? Once the tornado passed, which lasted only about a minute and a half at the most, I opened my front door and started screaming, “Oh my god!!!”. I ran over there because I knew they were home. Thankfully no one was hurt. Freaked out, but not hurt.

Here are a few more post-tornado pictures I took. These are all within a five block radius of my house.

Tornadoes in the boroughs of New York City. Now we’ve seen it all, kids! And it’s been terrifically documented. Check out these reader photos from the NY Times. And if you want to watch two guys in Brooklyn going berserk over the tornado, check out this YouTube video. Despite all the “dudes!” and “holy shits!”, they captured some pretty cool footage.

10 thoughts on “Just Another Natural Disaster

  1. Dave Rudin says:

    I’m glad you survived, Claudia. Here in my part of Brooklyn, we had heavy rain and the thunder was louder than I had heard in a long, long time. However, I saw no downed trees as I walked to the subway the following morning.

    As for the NYAA, I’m trying to decide whether or not to buy a ticket to the annual Take Home a Nude benefit auction. Do you think I should???

    • artmodel says:


      Yeah, much of Brooklyn was spared. You’re lucky! As for the NYAA Take Home a Nude, I say yes!! Who wouldn’t want to take home a nude? 😉

      Thanks for commenting. Good to hear from you.


  2. Jennifer says:

    These really don’t look like photos of New York! Most glad to hear that you survived the tornado without anything awful happening to either you or your home. Hope the various neighbourhood animals were okay also – a wind like that would most likely whisk a poor cat up into the air! We have a v big tree far too close to the house and I’m now fervently hoping that a tornado never strikes here! I watched the video and couldn’t believe that people really do talk like a Bill & Ted film – I’m getting old 🙂

    • artmodel says:


      I am worried about the neighborhood animals too because I haven’t seen one of my cats, Jackson, since the tornado. I’m very concerned. I know cats are amazing survivors, but no sign of Jackson since the morning of the storm. I hope he shows up soon.


  3. Stephen says:

    Wow – some real devastation in your neighbourhood! Where did that come from? Glad you are OK…

  4. Andrew says:

    That first photo is amazing. Glad you are OK.

  5. LK says:

    The article I read said there were two tornados…and I’m just so glad you’re okay, I was a little worried when I first clicked your page here, I’m relieved you’re not hurt…


    • artmodel says:


      Yes, I am fine! No worries. You are so sweet to worry about me 🙂

      I read an article that said there were actually three tornadoes in total. Crazy!

      So nice to hear from you, and hope you are well.


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