Lennon and the Libras

This whole September/October time of year is a big birthday period for me. As it turns out, many of my family members and good friends have birthdays during these months. Wedding anniversaries too. The span of early September to late October includes the zodiac signs of Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio, and I have people very close to me, whom I love dearly, born in each of those signs. Astrology buffs out there will know that those are majorly different signs too. See all the personalities I have to deal with? πŸ˜›

My Mom’s birthday is late October, so she’s a Scorpio. My best friend Stephanie just celebrated hers on September 9th. She’s a Virgo. My friend Janet is another Virgo. But the whopping membership belongs to Libra. I have been surrounded by Libras my whole life. Libra MEN to be exact. My brother Chris – Libra. My ex-husband – Libra. An unrequited love infatuation from my youth – Libra. Even the man I was recently seeing – Libra. What’s up with all these male Libras?? Gosh, even my artist friend and Museworthy commenter Daniel Maidman is a Libra! The longer I live, the more Libras I meet. Not that there’s anything wrong with that πŸ™‚

But in this particular year one famous Libra takes front and center. Had he not been tragically, brutally shot in cold blood in 1980, John Lennon would have turned 70 years old next month on October 9th. Can you even picture a 70 year-old Lennon? Shit, that’s only five years younger than my mother!

My awesome Libra brother got tickets for us to a John Lennon birthday celebration concert, and I absolutely cannot wait! It’s going to be great. Thank you Chris!

I was going to post a “Lennon-only” video, but for my friend and recent birthday girl Stephanie I chose a clip which also features that Gemini Paul McCartney. She’s a Paul fan, so this video will make us both happy. For today’s “Music Monday”, here they are with the rest of the Beatles, Ringo Starr (Cancer) and George Harrison (Pisces).

11 thoughts on “Lennon and the Libras

  1. keitho says:

    Nice clip. I love the asides — “Are you in tune?” and when John gives Paul a shoulder massage. They all look like they’re enjoying themselves — especially on “Long Tall Sally.” You can hear Paul straining to hit those high notes on “Ticket to Ride.” They’ve often talked about how hard it was to hear themsleves over the screaming, and this was evident.

    It would have been great to hear them perform some of the post 1966 stuff.

    • artmodel says:


      The Beatles were always fun and playful during their stage performances. That’s what made them so lovable. I agree with you about the vocals. They could barely hear themselves a lot of the time!

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. Ron says:

    The thought of a 70 year old Beatle is indeed mind blowing. I was fortunate enough this past summer to attend Ringo’s 70th birthday concert, when he was joined onstage at the encore by Paul, who sang “Birthday” for him. Truly a magical experience, and the closest thing possible to a Beatles reunion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5sgVi88SXU&feature=player_embedded

    Hope you enjoy the birthday concert for John.

    • artmodel says:


      Thanks for sharing! I remember you mentioning the Ringo concert last year. I’m sooo psyched for the Lennon concert! And thanks for the YouTube link.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Have been losing track of commenting because of getting my daughter ready to go to university, but have still been reading your and Fred’s blogs! I’m one of those pesky Virgoans …

    We went to see where JL was shot in NYC – felt v sad. To think he would have been 70 now – all that life not lived.

    Glad to see that the new term has kicked off well, with some lovely paintings being made of you. Also loved the Vermeers!

    • artmodel says:


      Visiting the Dakota and peering into the courtyard can definitely bring the chills. A stroll over to the Imagine circle in Central Park provides a soothing contrast.

      Glad you’re keeping up with blogs while getting your daughter ready for school. How exciting! Good luck to her.

      Thanks for your comments Jennifer!


  4. Brian says:


    After reading your latest post, I must admit that I was saddened to see a lack of reference to any of the Sagittarian men in your life! Not even as a “notable exception”!

    Just a momentary lapse, I’m sure πŸ˜‰

    • artmodel says:

      Brian! Actually I have known very few Sagittarians. So you are, in fact, a true standout in that regard. Unlike all my Libras, you share your zodiac category with no one. It’s all yours! And you are a “notable exception in many ways πŸ™‚

      Thanks for commenting!


  5. Liag says:

    Hi Claudia. This is a pertinent post for me, especially since I just clicked into it today 9/18, a few days after you wrote it. I put some words of JL on my facebook earlier this morning and then here he is on your blog!

    Everything he said is still so true and pertinent, I suppose it always will be. Like so many thousands of others, I’ve wondered over the years what our world would be like had Lennon not been murdered….

    Thanks for the video – very good to watch it.

  6. Hi! I just caught up with your blog after being away from it for a bit! And here it’s almost my birthday now… If Lennon had lived, I’d have been interested to see how he’d have dealt with his anger. I don’t know his biography closely, but for all the life and love and beauty in his work, he seemed to me to be fueled by anger, and the anger seemed to be changing how he looked over time. I like to think he would have conquered it and found a different way to function.

  7. derek says:

    I remember seeing them live in 1965
    it sure brings back youthful memories from the lads
    the song you posted is very much a John song since he co-wrote with Paul, but of course he wrote most of the song and its also one of
    my favorite songs and its very 1960’s sound, and you can hear George’s Rickenbacker sound. It does bring back a lot of memories>
    I introduced my kids to that band. I always thought “Revolver” and “Abbey Road” were their best records rather than the overrated “Sgt Pepper”.

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