Matisse at MoMA

: old woman hobbles in with walker . . . drinks from Geritol bottle . . . puts in dentures . . . searches for reading glasses:

Just kidding everyone!! Having a little fun at my own expense, although the reading glasses part is true 😦 But my birthday was great and 42 is dandy. Already 72 hours into it and I have no complaints so far.

The Art Institute of Chicago has sent over an amazing gift to the Museum of Modern Art here in New York. The exhibit is called “Matisse: Radical Invention 1913 – 1917” and I plan to see it for sure. Matisse is my guy! What’s most interesting to me about this particular show is that the works on display are largely monochromatic in palette and feature dominant shades of black and grey. For Matisse, the famous “color man”, this is compelling. The process of putting together this exhibit was quite labor-intensive, as the organizers used advanced digital imaging techniques and laser scanning to uncover the details of Matisse’s meticulous approach. This article from the NY Times explains it at length.

The highlight of the exhibit is Bathers by a River. A very informative and fascinating breakdown of this painting’s evolution can be viewed here.

Charles H. and Mary F.S. Worcester Collection, The Art Institute of Chicago

On a related note, the great Matisse is responsible for having brought an amazing artist, Christian Johnson, to this blog and subsequently to yours truly. When Christian contacted me about modeling, I took one look at his website and absolutely jumped at the chance! We had a great session yesterday which I hope inspired Christian as much as it did me. What a fun, challenging, and refreshing art modeling experience. Thanks Christian! 🙂

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