Street Jam

My birthday is this week – Thursday to be exact. This year I’ve decided to buy myself a birthday present. It’s not something I usually do, but when you are a woman in the 40-something age range, anything that can divert your attention from that depressing reality the better! Nah, I’m just kidding. That’s a load of crap. I don’t really care about my age, I just want a new camera 😆

For almost three years, my trusty Canon PowerShot has served me very well. Small, compact, and lightweight, it sat snugly in the in the inner pocket of my Vera Bradley bag, ready to be whipped out in an instant when I saw something I wanted to photograph in the streets, parks, museums and art schools of New York City. Like a reliable friend, the little blue camera caused me no trouble and never burdened me with extra weight or bulk. It was the most unobtrusive item I carried, as opposed to, say, my makeup pouch. Now that’s bulky!

But the time has come for an upgrade. I’ve assessed my photographic needs and concluded that, much like the Tom Cruise character in Top Gun, my need is for speed. Speed baby!  So I have my eye on a great looking Nikon DSLR. Hopefully I will buy it this week. Yay! I’m still keeping the small one of course. I might as well have it on hand on the days I don’t bring the larger camera.

I thought I would use this “Music Monday” post as a swan song to my old Canon. I went through all my pictures and found a few shots I had taken of street musicians, of which we have many here in New York. They’re everywhere in our teeming metropolis – sidewalks, corners, parks, subways, train terminals – entertaining the swarming masses with their music. Some are ignored, some draw an audience, and some get their picture taken by artist’s models on their way to a job 🙂

A jamming saxophonist on the number 7 Train platform at Grand Central Station. The echo in that tunnel is intense, and sounds, musical or otherwise, really reverberate. This guy was a cool cat:

This is a poor photograph. A musician was playing the steel drum in Penn Station during the rush hour commute. His hands and head were moving constantly and came out terribly blurred. I can’t help but think that the scene would have been captured so much better with a faster camera. Or I just fucked it up, that’s always a possibility 😆

Outside the Metropolitan Museum at the bottom of the steps, a sax and bass combo performed for the art crowd.

8 thoughts on “Street Jam

  1. Andrew says:

    Happy birthday! D-90?

    • artmodel says:

      Hi Andrew! Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂

      I’m actually looking at the D3000. The D90 is amazing but pricier. Tomorrow is decision day. I’m working with Daniel in the morning and then right after that it’s camera time!!


  2. doug rogers says:

    Oh, my! The very bestest mostest happiest birthday wishes fly from blown kisses to you.

    The best camera is the one you have with you.

  3. Bill says:

    Happy birthday! D90 or D3000 — let us know which way you go.

    • artmodel says:

      Bill and Andrew,

      Ok, I ended up with the D5000. It falls in between the 3000 and the 90 in terms of price. It looks great! Can’t wait to post my first set of pictures. I’m really excited!


  4. Jennifer says:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow! Hope you and your new camera will be very happy together!

    I’ve found that having a camera phone always to hand has been a real boon in terms of implusive photography, but last week I borrowed the small Olympus we’d bought my son for a school trip to Poland and was immediately impressed by the fact that the photos, even at this basic level of camera, were better than my camera phone was taking! Certainly with a new SLR, you should be taking pretty swishy pix – though obviously your current camera did a good job! Love the subway photos – over here, I don’t think a busker would be allowed onto the platform in this way, maybe because most of our platforms are smaller, in that only one direction of train comes into them. There are a few double-siders, on the Northern Line in particular, and they are quite nerve-wracking at rush hour!

    But anyway, have a brilliant birthday!


    • artmodel says:


      Thank you so much! I agree that the spur-of-the moment convenience factor of smaller cameras, camera phones etc can’t be beat. But for better quality and more options one needs the SLRs. I just hope my photography can live up to the fancy camera I just purchased!

      Wonderful hearing from you 🙂


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