Jazz on YouTube

When I heard that YouTube is celebrating its 5th birthday, I was a little surprised. It feels like the video-sharing website has been around much longer than that, doesn’t it? I guess its immense popularity warps our sense of time. Anyway, I thought “Music Monday” is an appropriate opportunity to slice up a big Happy Birthday cake for good old YouTube, since music viewing/listening is one of the site’s more noteworthy strengths. Sure, there’s a lot of really stupid shit on YouTube, but among all the clips of people falling down, wayward lawnmowers, cats in bathtubs, and college pranks, some fantastic videos can be found in the music category, specifically jazz. I think I speak for my fellow jazz fans when I say that we love YouTube for providing rarely-seen footage of jazz greats. They’re often grainy and in black in and white, but well worth watching for the brilliance of these legends.

I am partial to trumpet players, because of my father naturally. If he were alive today he would go crazy over this video of a young Freddie Hubbard jamming with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. From 1962, Freddie is just 24 years old – a fresh, gifted new trumpeter with tremendous promise. I have yet to meet a trumpet player who does not speak admiringly of his talent. Unfortunately, Freddie’s career was later compromised by health issues and a drug addiction, and the quality of his playing suffered because of it. He also blew his lip out, which is obviously a serious problem for a trumpet player. So that’s why this video is especially worthwhile because it showcases the true musician he was. Also in the group is the amazing Wayne Shorter on sax. By the way, the video uploader is “eatsleeptrumpet”. Fantastic! đŸ™‚ What did I tell you about trumpet players and Freddie Hubbard love? It’s intense.

Performing Moanin‘ this is Freddie Hubbard with the Jazz Messengers. They groove into a nice swing at :30, and then Freddie just rips at :55. Truly electric.