Recovery and Shared Revelations

:slides down banister . . . jumps off staircase . . . snaps fingers . . . shakes booty . . . crushes thermometer underfoot . . . kisses the flu goodbye: Yahooo!!! It’s good to be back đŸ™‚

I hardly got on the computer these past few days, and now I can catch up not only with Museworthy but with friends’ blogs too. Fellow figure model Brooke Lynne has a post up right now that I found very moving. I apologize if this sounds hokey, but it really spoke to me. Brooke is not only a superb model but an outstanding blogger as well. With her current post she is expressing some profoundly enlightened, deeply-felt revelations about life, happiness, and inner peace.  And I hear every word of it. I totally relate to what she’s experiencing and totally understand her need to blog about it – the feeling of awakening, the self-awareness, and the essential, fundamental, simple everyday joy that must be treasured and nourished at all costs. Ah, Brooke says it much better than me.

I could, and will, write much more about this sublime and complex subject, as I’m sure Brooke will too. Maybe it’s a nude model thing! đŸ˜‰ We tend to do a lot of pondering. A lot. Thanks Brooke for your courageous, intelligent, and sensitive words. Yours was the first blog I checked on in my post-flu return. Here’s a painting for us. It’s William Bouguereau’s La Danse. Peace friend . . .