Stormy (Under the) Weather

Hi everyone. I’m sorry to report that I’m sick with the flu 😥  My nemesis. This is like an annual ritual with me. Luckily, this bout is not quite as bad as previous ones. My fever was up to 101.9 but it’s already down to 99.6. My body is riddled with aches and pains, which is the worst thing to deal with. Everything hurts. Even my eyelids hurt when I blink. I didn’t know it was possible for eyelids to hurt. I have no appetite, and all I do is sleep. Plus, I’m gross. Haven’t showered or brushed my hair, and I’m sweating into all my t-shirts.

But it’s still “Music Monday”! And as weak as I am I can still embed a video. We lost the great Lena Horne last week. Singer, actress, dancer, civl rights activist. Not to mention a stunningly beautiful woman. Stormy Weather is close enough to “Under the Weather” which would be my song :sob: You definitely don’t want to hear me singing right now – nothing but moans, and groans, and wails. Not pleasant. Let’s listen to Lena instead. RIP.

PS- To everyone who emailed me over the weekend, thank you! I read them all and will write back as soon as I’m feeling better 🙂