Buried Treasure

In recent posts I’ve been boring you all about the massive spring house cleaning I’m doing. What I didn’t realize was that my computer is also in dire need of a cleanup. Does anyone else fall into that “sloppy computer” phase, or is it just me? Too many files, too many bookmarks, too many downloads, things I forgot to label and classify. I got careless and sloppy with everything from documents, images, music, etc, and now I don’t know what the hell is going on. It’s chaos I tell ya! Time to start dragging stuff into the trash I think.

But the good part about getting organized is that you find things you really want to keep, and can now archive them properly. In my iPhoto for example, I found some pictures I took at the Met that I probably intended to put on the blog or on Flickr and never got around to it. Some of them are worth sharing, so here we go.

Marble sculpture of Sappho by Comte Prosper D’Epinay, who worked in both France and Italy. This piece is from around 1895:

The favorite sculptor of my dear friend Bruce Williams is Aristide Maillol, so this one’s for him. It’s Maillol’s bronze masterpiece Night from 1909. A fascinating work, it is reminiscent of Rodin and his sensuality and naturalism but also of Brancusi and his abstract Modernism. I have done this closed, withdrawn pose many times, as have most artist’s models I’m sure. It’s relatively easy to hold for long lengths of time and looks great in both male and female figures. Artistically, it conveys a contemplative, almost world-weary mood along with a compact shape and voluminous forms:

Look at what else I found in my computer disarray; Orpheus! Man am I an idiot. I could have used this baby for my Orpheus post last week. I knew I had it! Damn. Anyway, this is Italian from the early 17th century:

At the age of 41, I still hold onto the fantasy that I will meet the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor, at the Met. But actually he’s there every single day! The problem is he’s a little standoffish and never asks for my number đŸ˜†

I always stop by this painting when I go to the museum. Lovely, charming, and very beautiful in person, it’s Roman Girl at a Fountain by Leon Bonnat. I love the feet.

That’s about it for now. I have others but I’m going to keep them on reserve, properly catalogued, for use in future posts. Hope you enjoyed this little treasure hunt with me. Ciao darlings!!