Peace, Art, and Fun in the City

Hellooo, helloooooo!!! I’m here everyone! Where have I been all week? I know you’ve all been terribly depressed and losing sleep over Museworthy’s inactivity 😆 I’m kidding, of course. I’ve just been busy with various things. Getting my house in order has been the most time consuming, and exhausting! But it’s going well, and  I realize how satisfying it feels to be organized. What a concept!

I wanted to get this post up today since I probably won’t have time to post over the weekend. Tonight, my brother, my sister-in-law, and I are taking my Mom to see Come Fly Away on Broadway. Music by Frank Sinatra, choreography by Twyla Tharp, you can’t go wrong. My Mom, a huge Sinatra fan, is really looking forward to it.

Then on Saturday I’m attending the reception and artist’s talk of my dear friend Fred Hatt at the Center for Remembering and Sharing. So excited for Fred! See you there, friend 🙂

Wait there’s more. On Sunday I’ll be attending, along with my fellow peaceniks, the International Day of Action here in New York City. A rally and march for peace and nuclear disarmament. There will be many speakers from around the world, followed by a music festival at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza outside the United Nations. I’m bringing my camera and will hopefully take some good pictures.

Pablo Picasso’s World Without Weapons:

I’m grateful that I am partaking in such wonderful, positive events because they will occupy me enough and help me contain my anger, my sheer RAGE, over this horror. Don’t get me started. I am boiling.

But anyway, love, hugs, and smiles for all of you 🙂 Have a joyous spring weekend! Hope you find time to plant, play, paint, walk, laugh and appreciate every moment on this earth.

See you soon . . .


3 thoughts on “Peace, Art, and Fun in the City

  1. I thought we weren’t doing ‘the voice’ anymore…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sounds like a great weekend ahead of you – remember me to Broadway! Look forward to the photos you post later.

    We are hearing with horror over here about the oil spill.

  3. Fred says:

    Thanks for the plug, Claudia. There’s a giant picture of you in the studio part of the exhibit, which is on view Saturday, one day only.

    I’m beginning to think our addiction to oil is the root of all evil. We need to take BP’s hypocritical marketing ploy seriously, and start moving “beyond petroleum”.

    Did you see Bill Maher compare America’s empire to that “big stupid boat” that Dad won’t get rid of even when it’s obvious the family is floundering in debt? He nailed it.

    See you tomorrow!


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