Just . . . hi

Posting late on Saturday night. Pretty tired from a combination of work and a massive spring cleaning, so massive it has to be done in gradual installments. Sorting, organizing, what to keep, what to throw away. I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

I’m not mentally sharp enough right now to post anything of substance. And my feet hurt. But I just wanted to stop by my blog and say a simple hello 🙂 My calendar is filled with many wonderful things in the upcoming weeks; art events, social events, volunteer projects, activist causes, photography ideas. So there will be much to share! But right now I’m in a drowsy daze, a soothing herbal tea flowing through me, and a vocally-gifted bird singing an exquisite evening song in a tree outside my window. He’s amazing! Calling for a girlfriend I presume 😉

I’ll see you all on Monday. Until then, here is Modigliani’s Reclining Nude, from 1917. Peace friends . . .

4 thoughts on “Just . . . hi

  1. Sleep well, Claudia & enjoy a quiet Sunday.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Miss you, Claudia. I just caught up on two weeks worth of your blog posts and was happy to find Modigliani here at my journey’s end. Modigliani has always reminded me of you.


    • artmodel says:

      Stephanie!!! I miss you too, sweetheart! We’ve both been pretty busy. But it’s wonderful to see you commenting here and catching up on your Museworthy fix.

      What a nice compliment that Modigliani reminds you of me. Cool! This particular painting is one of the best of his nudes, I think.

      Talk soon, friend 🙂


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