Citizen Muse

Helloo, hellooooo!! Sorry I haven’t posted all week, my friends. In addition to my modeling duties, I’ve been carrying out my civic duties like the responsible patriotic American citizen that I am <– touch of sarcasm.

First I filled out my 2010 Census form which, for one person living alone in a residence, took all of 40 seconds. Gee whiz! Don’t they know I have better things to do??? That’s time out of my life!! 😆

Then on Wednesday I had jury duty, and that experience went something like this:

showed up promptly at 8:30 AM, set off the metal detectors, was taken aside and scanned with the wand, got cleared, sat in jury room and listened to instructions, filled out a form, sat some more, read Yoga Journal cover to cover, went to the bathroom, sat down again, read an article about polygamy in National Geographic, went outside to smoke a cigarette, came back and watched “Jurassic Park” which was playing on the TV, broke for lunch, ate a bagel, wandered around, chatted with a security guard, came back, sat down, listened to Abbey Road on my iPod, sent stupid text messages on my Blackberry, closed my eyes and took a nap, was awoken by the court officer who announced to the room, “The following people are dismissed from jury duty”. Among the names he read off was “Claudia Hajian”, which he incorrectly pronounced as “Ha-jeen”. I got up, turned in my jury card, retrieved my camera which had been confiscated at the front desk, and walked out of the Queens County courthouse on Sutphin Boulevard around 2:45.

So jury duty is done, and I can’t be called back for six years.

Honore Daumier’s A Criminal Case, 1860:

My good citizenship doesn’t end there. I also have my tax information bundled up and ready to go, and I plan to get it done next week. I blogged about taxes last year.

Since I am in the good graces of the federal government with my responsible behavior, I have to do the same with local government. The city of New York kindly slapped my car with a $115 parking violation. Thanks guys! My infraction? Parking too close to a fire hydrant. BUSTED! In my defense, I honestly, truly , sincerely thought I was far enough away. It looked good to me, I swear. Then again, I don’t exactly carry a tape measure around with me to check the distance of these things. But I just want you all to know I wasn’t purposely being a parking asshole.

So of course I paid my ticket, and I think my good citizenship obligations are completed, for a while at least. Now I can focus on much more enjoyable things, like early spring gardening, blogging, yoga, and of course, art modeling 🙂

Rosie the Riveter by Norman Rockwell:

6 thoughts on “Citizen Muse

  1. KL Foster says:

    Wait one minute there Claudia…as much as I would like to enter into a discussion about being a good citizen…I’m stuck on the words,” went outside to smoke a cigarette”. I must have missed that in your past writings..? Dammit I hate playing shithouse counselor I go. I was a hardcore smoker for thirty years and I am paying one hell of a price for it now. It really isn’t all that hard to stop. Please

    • artmodel says:


      I know, I know, and I agree 100%. In truth, I have reduced my smoking considerably over the years. I used to smoke a pack a day. Now one pack lasts me many days. That’s pretty good, isn’t it? I will eliminate it altogether, hopefully sooner rather than later.

      Thanks for your concern. My mother is in your camp, by the way, and she loved your comment!


  2. dougrogers says:

    Ye got yerself one o’ them ferrin soundin’ names. Yer dismissed from jery duty, but don’t ferget to pay yer taxes, all the same.

    And quit smokin girl, yer hot enough already.

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