Weekend Soupçon

:yawn: Hey. The drowsy girl is here for a short and sweet blog post. I’m afraid it’s all I can muster in my mysteriously comatose state. How many freaking energy bars am I supposed to consume? 😈 Anyway, I have a few goodies to share and I will try to type them here with my sluggish fingers.

Thanks to Kathi and Ron for sending me this crazy story about a “nude” snowlady in New Jersey that apparently offended the sensibilities of an anonymous neighbor who lodged a “complaint” with the local police. It would be funny if it wasn’t so absurd and stupid.

Much more sensible is this article/slide show from The New York Times. It’s about a special gallery exhibit showcasing artwork created by the guards of the Metropolitan Museum. Great that they’re getting the recognition for their own talent and creativity.

A little reminder to my New York readers that the Whitney Biennial is underway. I’m going to check it out at some point. It runs through May 30th so we have plenty of time. But what I’m really looking forward to is the upcoming Picasso show at the Met. No way I will miss that!

Last but not least, I ask everyone to cross their fingers and hope that last year’s outstanding film The Cove wins the Oscar Sunday night for Best Feature Documentary. It’s favored to win the category, but the Oscars have been known to make some egregious award blunders in the past. If The Cove doesn’t win it will be a travesty, and I might just kick in my TV screen! (just kidding)

I'm too lethargic to even upload an image . . . . :yawn: . . . just doing all those links was exhausting! Grrr . . what’s wrong with me? 😥
But I'll see you all back here for "Music Monday". Post will go up in the afternoon.
Until then . . . zzzzzz . . .

4 thoughts on “Weekend Soupçon

  1. Jennifer says:

    Still bogged down in work deadlines, but still enjoying Museworthy popping into my inbox for some non-work-related reading! I’ll join you in that afternoon nap – I think it’s the effect of this long, long winter! Saw on the Jon Stewart show the other night that it’s still snowing in NY! Still cold here, but the snowdrops and crocuses have finally pushed their little heads into the chilly spring sunshine …

    • artmodel says:


      I’m happy to report that we are enjoying spring-like weather here in NYC. Today the temperatures got close to 60! Yay! Let’s just hope it stays like this, and our crocuses start poking through 🙂


  2. Andrew says:

    Soupçon? Comment dit on? Soup’s on? Great! What’s the soup of the day? 😉

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