From the FIT website:

Weather Update
Due to a severe storm the college will be closed on Wednesday, February 10, and all classes and activities are cancelled.

And where was I scheduled to work all day today? You guessed it. FIT. Ah well, it happens. Funny, though, I was really in the mood to model! Felt my posing groove on and was ready to rumble. I was booked for two classes there back-to-back, and now :poof!:, they’re gone, cancelled, disintegrated into the blustery, snowy winter ether.

So I’ll make the best of it, of course. Right now I’m toasty warm, ensconced in my house, watching thick, fat snowflakes fall down from the white sky. On our Queens street, we are blanketed baby! It looks very beautiful. I might bundle up and go outside to take some pictures. But it’s pretty cold, so “might” is the operative word there 😆

Just a quick note before I log off. The brand new Winter 2010 issue of American Artist Drawing magazine has a terrific article on my dear friend Jean Marcellino entitled “Making Quick Progress with a Confident Hand”. It was written by Bob Bahr, and features a marvelous, informative step-by-step drawing demo that follows Jean’s development of a figure drawing. I am honored to say that I am the model for the demo 🙂 Yep, that’s me in the picture. I hope everyone checks it out.

See you all soon. I’ll leave you with an image for the day. This is Reclining Nude by Edward Hopper:

3 thoughts on “Ensconced

  1. Of course gotta check the article out, the magazine’s on my table unopened, I may even glance at some of the other articles! 🙂

    -the cover blurb about quill pens did catch my eye.

  2. Read it! Looked at it! Studied it! Great!! and…. I did glance at the other articles.;-)

    BTW, not sure but I think we might have known Jean back in the sixties. Don’t remember a last name so can’t be sure.

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