traveling, underground, getting here getting there
on the rails
urban noise and dust and grime
rolling, rattling, buzzing, phone yammering
footsteps and concrete
out of my clothes in front of their eyes
chilly and hot
tired and feisty
my skin, my muscle, my hair . . . mussed
I tossed it
and pulled it
and flipped it
yeah, watch this! Take that, darlings . . .
thinking, eyeballing . . . I’m telling you something
showing you something
my secrets
don’t you see?
later . . .
the man in my life. young. strong.
kisses my collarbone
abundant smiles
sensations and premonitions and vibey vibes
days of riddles and surges and fears and thrills
I want fruit

“Claudia” by Jordan Mejias. February 2010:

14 thoughts on “Intermezzo

  1. pevaeva says:

    I love it!

  2. Andrew says:

    The last line made me smile.

  3. Ryan says:

    love the pose and shadows. I attempted a life drawing on my blog, still working towards this perfection. Very beautiful!

    • artmodel says:


      Thank you, and welcome! I saw your life drawing and it looked pretty great to me. I hope you post some more.

      Glad you liked this wash drawing by my friend Jordan.


  4. “…rolling, rattling, buzzing, phone yammering…I want fruit”

    Sounds like it was a grand day, like all days should be but if they all were we wouldn’t appreciate the ones that are.

    Good words, good pose, good drawing, Claudia.

  5. LK says:

    My eyes were immediately drawn….


    • artmodel says:


      You have a wide net for the term “poetry”, but I’ll take it!
      Thanks, baby . . .


      • LK says:

        You title this with fine Italian language and end with a delectable statement of what you want after taking us on an imaginatively clarifying ride through your life, broken into chunks that grasp..take hold..pull one in..tells how you feel about the world and your thriving place within it , and with your tantalizing secrets…How can this not be poetry?

        What’s even better is that, this isn’t just any poetry, this…is Museworthy poetry. (I am)…we are all loving Museworthy poetry.

        • artmodel says:


          There is nothing I can I say that could possibly add to your rousing, inspiring , expressive description, other than . . . THANK YOU for these words. I am so touched . . . 🙂


  6. Stephanie says:

    I love the poem. I love the drawing. I love that you sound so very happy.

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