Hellooo, helloooooo!! To those who commented on my previous post, I apologize for my lack of responses. What has it been, like 48 hours? Ah, but I have a good excuse. I was in Philadelphia all day yesterday and was a little tired when I got home. I didn’t even go online, I just crashed in front of the TV. Anyway, my Mom and I went down to see the Gorky exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and we had a totally lovely and enjoyable mother/daughter art outing.

Excellent show, but very “heavy”, given Gorky’s troubled psychology, personal demons, and the historical context of the Armenian genocide. My mother and I, in agreement, reached the conclusion that Gorky was far superior as a surrealist than a cubist, and Mom specifically noted that he was much better when he loosened up his line, which is evidenced in his later, more mature works.

The Philadelphia Museum has the same policy toward photographs as the Met; no pictures of special exhibitions, only the permanent collections. So unfortunately I have no photos of the Gorky show.

Now I realize that I just wrote about Rodin like two blog posts ago. But since we were just a few blocks away, Mom and I walked down to the Rodin Museum, and friends, let me tell you, it was spectacular! What an experience. Absolutely amazing, glorious place. With all due respect to Gorky, I think I enjoyed the Rodin Museum more.

So as not to overwhelm Museworthy with so much Rodin so close together (I didn’t plan ahead!), I uploaded all my photos from the Rodin Museum on my Flickr page. I hope you all check them out there. I’m pretty pleased with how some of them came out.

I’m going to get to those comments now. Thanks everyone! See you soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “Daytripper

  1. Andrew says:

    Rodin’s Gates of Hell is amazing – especially the guy hanging from the ledge. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    • artmodel says:


      It’s amazing, and totally unbelievable in person. I tried to do it justice with my camera. Yes, when I saw the guy hanging from the ledge, I thought “I HAVE to take a picture of that!”.

      Glad you enjoyed the photos!


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