Idle Model

Man. I’m bored. I’ve been through many of these art modeling breaks during holidays but for some reason this one is feeling interminable. I’m starting to get stir crazy. Nutty. Deranged. Day after day after day with no work. Ugh! Oh sure the chance to decompress, relax, and recharge was nice, and essential. But it’s enough already! I want to model! Instead, I’ve been occupying myself with all sorts of trivial, mundane crap. I organized my linen closet. Yippee! I cleaned out my refrigerator. Thrilling!! 🙄

What is truly thrilling, however, is posing. The physical act of posing. The getting ready for posing. The energy and atmosphere of posing. The dynamic of posing before a room full of artists. The excitement of providing inspiration for a drawing or painting or sculpture. Shit. Where is everybody???? What’s going on??? Helloo???? I’m losin’ it!! :carves profanities into wall with pocket knife . . . tears down Christmas decorations . . . eats tinsel . . . does cartwheels . . . rips up carpet . . . guzzles bottle of tequila . . . sucks lime . . . pukes . . . passes out:

Honestly, I’m jealous. Jealous of this painting. That should be me up there! But it’s not 😥 This is Le Jeune Modele Posant Dans L’Atelier, by Jules Alexis Muenier:

But it’s not all bleak. Yesterday brought signs that work is returning, slowly but surely. Trickling back after the holiday hiatus. I got an email from an FIT instructor who wants to do private work with me. Yay! And I got a voicemail message from Clarity Haynes saying she wants to resume our sessions. Double yay! And very soon, the calls from school model coordinators will come streaming in, ready to do bookings for the spring semester. Bring it, fellas! I want to work! Grrrr.

Models for Olympians, in gouache, by Sir William Russell Flint. What an attractive group of gals:

Someone get me into a studio, fast! This is crazy. I mean, I do things. I have a life and interests and activities, I swear. I even had a hot date the other night with an unbelievably sexy guy 😉 But still, the absence of art modeling leaves this cavernous void. I’m lonely without it.

Painter and Model by Edward Hopper:

I feel hungry. I feel deprived. I feel unproductive. I feel too . . . too . . . clothed 😆
Aw, shit. That’s what this is all about. The deep-seated need that models harbor and never, ever want to admit. We love the art. We love the creation. We love the interaction. But fundamentally, we’re exhibitionists. We like people looking at us in the nude. And when there’s no art modeling, no one is looking at us. Okay, did my credibility level just drop severely with this embarrassing admission? Dammit!

But unlike most art models, I have this blog. And I can act out my needs and restlessness and desires right here on these pages. My darling readers, humor me please? Let me strike a pose for you. It’s what I do. It’s my livelihood. It’s my passion. And I’m really, really craving the . . . attention. Guilty as charged!

Photo by Fred Hatt

18 thoughts on “Idle Model

  1. Jeff says:

    You always find such great images to share. I wasn’t familiar with Muenier, but I love that first painting. The picture of you is lovely. It’s a great pose, the tension in your arms and legs are wonderful… but it looks like it’d be a horrible pose to maintain for any length of time. Instead of restless, you’d be cramped and in pain, I’m guessing. Or maybe you wouldn’t, but I certainly would, if I could even get into that pose in the first place. I’m not sure my leg goes like that.

    • Jeff says:

      Oh, and on the credibility question, absolutely not. You should love what you do for a living, otherwise life is miserable, and having people look at you is a large part of what you do. I certainly wouldn’t want somebody up on the stand who didn’t want to be there, or who was fretting over their modesty, or worst of all, was just doing it for the money.

      Countless artists in New York city are very lucky to have you to paint or draw from.

    • artmodel says:


      That pose is definitely NOT meant to be held for a long period of time. I’m good, but I’m not that good! 😆 I’ve done it for five minutes, though.

      I’m glad you noticed the tension in the arms and legs. That’s really what makes the pose interesting.

      And, my gosh, thank you for your nice compliment! The artists who draw and paint from me regularly are aware of my dedication, I’m sure. But it’s my responsibility to maintain it and keep holding myself to my own self-imposed standard. I take nothing for granted!

      Really appreciate your comments and observations, Jeff 🙂


      • Ken says:

        Five minutes makes you the rock star of life modeling! I’m not worthy!

        My life feels without purpose, empty, bleak, without life modeling. This would be my early January and summer post. Except in the summer, I can go to the beach – it works for me!

  2. Brooke says:

    Oh dear Claudia, I hear you loud and clear! I too am itching desperately to get back on the modeling stand. It will come soon. Until then, I recommend filling some of your time with meditation. I just started it (being pretty skeptical) and I am finding it to have wonderful results for me.

    Much love and happiness for you in the New Year!!


    • artmodel says:


      We’re in the same boat! Thanks for echoing my frustration. It’s comforting to hear an empathetic voice.

      Yes, meditation is wonderful. I don’t practice it with enough consistency, though. You’ve encouraged me now to get more into it, especially during these lethargic days.

      New Year’s love and happiness to you too, friend! Thanks so much for posting a comment.


      • Ken says:

        My mantra is of numbers. I meditate on the dias.

        When I model, yes, I’m a counter. I can’t see without my glasses and almost always pose without them, so I have no clue when (or if) my poses will ever end. But if I count, I find I can hold the “big mistake” pose and not break it. But by counting during long poses, I forget about everything else. Which I need. Crave sometimes. The thought even crosses my mind that I should be paying the artists for providing me with meditation space. A brief thought, but a thought nonetheless.

        For gestures and short poses, the challenge is to both count and devise the next pose. But that helps me get in the zone for the long poses and counting.

        It works for me. Just another reason that I love to model.

  3. On one hand. Claudia, I understand your need to work, to exhibit, but…

    on the other hand, when you’re posing, you’re not posting here, bummer!

    ….and on another other hand; The work, the play, the pose, the repose, the acumen you bring to your critiques all are part of what makes you such enjoyable company here.

    .. and on yet another other hand (four hands, bridge anyone?) what Jeff said is well worth repeating: “Countless artists in New York city are very lucky to have you to paint or draw from.”!!!!

    • artmodel says:


      You put absolutely the best “spin” on my posts! Please keep doing it!!

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am bolstered and uplifted by supportive readers like you.

      Thanks so much for your comments!


  4. Marty says:

    Lovely photograph. If you’re ever up over Cape Cod way, look us up!

  5. Such an intelligent series of posts. Found them because of Ilene.

    i don’t live anywhere near NYC but if you’re feeling too clothed, I have a recommendation . . . rather obvious. But I know what you mean, especially because if you take clothes off at home, not only do you not exhibit but no one pays you. Bad, I agree.

    Here’s wishing you well and many more 1) work engagements; 2) blog posts.

    • artmodel says:


      So glad you stopped by! I’m thrilled and honored that Ilene put the Museworthy feed on her Barebrush site. It’s really cool! And I think you might be the first referral from there.

      My “show-off” days will return soon enough. And you can be sure that i will chronicle all the nudity – and art – here on Museworthy.

      Please visit again, and thanks for commenting!


      • alex says:

        hi Claudia”

        I don’t know if you are the model from the spring studios if you are , It was a great pleasure working with you and the rest of the artist. you have been a favorite muse of ours and you are one graceful and soulful and very creative model . It has been three months since my last appearance there since I was away doing my book of art that features rock stars sisteen chapel fom. Remember I drew something similar to the creation of adam .

        I have nothing but great respects you’re physique is beautifully sculpted like a true piece of artwork. I am now a graphic designer after graduating at FIT ten years look very comfortable up there and you do it with style and grace and soul. Thank you for the beautiful soulful poses you have been inspirational for me to be creative


        • artmodel says:


          My goodness! Thank you soo much for these generous words! I’m speechless, and that’s rare! 😆

          I have known a couple of Alexes, so I”m not sure who you are exactly. I feel bad! But if you are at Spring Studio again when I’m posing, please, PLEASE introduce yourself. I’d love to talk to you.

          All the best, and thank you again, truly!


          • alex says:

            I understand it has been three months I am the guy with dark hair with glasses who did the michelangelo type piece that I did with you doing that pose snyway I have a blog myself you can check out my other artworks I did
            I have been working on digital artworks. I have some stuff I did of you I have not posted them because I wanted to respect your privacy. Your blog kind of reminds me of Julie Powell who did her Julie and Julia project and became a movie and a best selling book.
            I did had a great time working with you at the spring studios a few months back, you were graceful and you bared your soul with such elegance , grace and creativity.

            You have nothing to be ashamed of what God gave you that is why I did my version of the Michelangelo piece. At this moment I am making Beef Bourganion. and working on the Rock star sisteen chapel
            here is a link of it but they are weraing clothes

  6. dougfromcanada says:

    All the best in 2010 Claudia and I’m sure you’ll have lots of modelling. I too miss the stand during prolonged breaks and use the time to refresh and recharge my enthusiasm for the way that we models enrich our artist friends lives.
    cheers from canada

  7. I love that painting by Jules Meunier. I first thought it was a photo – the light is so beautiful in it, and the form is so marvelously drawn.
    I enjoy your description of paintings from all periods. I get to see things here that I don’t see elsewhere . Thanks so much,

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