Year-End Honors

Greetings friends!! How are all my honeys and lovelies doing? Very well, I hope. I’m quite well myself. Had a terrific few days of celebrations and gatherings, family and friends, riotous storytelling, delicious food, and warm conviviality. And to top it off, the snow has completely melted! So the first big blizzard of the season is but a mere memory now.

I can’t think of a better way to resume blogging after my brief holiday hiatus, than by directing everyone’s attention to Casey Klahn’s Top Ten Art Blog Posts of 2009. On his excellent blog, The Colorist, he has published his choices for the most inspiring and worthy art posts of the year. I am positively floored that he selected my Museworthy post on Modigliani as one of the honorees, especially when I see myself placed among such first-rate art blogging company, like Kelly Borsheim and Karin Jurik , just to name a few. It was so flattering to read Casey’s generous, complimentary words. Not only did it make me feel happy and validated, it reaffirmed for me the tremendous joys and rewards of being a part of the blogging community. Thank you, Casey! 🙂

I also want to mention that The Daily Beast recently posted the Best Art Books of 2009. That’s not generally one of my favorite sites, but this book collection is worth a look. Some good stuff on there I wasn’t aware of: books on Magritte, Duchamp, Van Gogh, and one called “Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism” that looks really fascinating! The editor is Patricia Allmer. I’ve got to check that one out.

Once again, I hope everyone is well. Blogging is back on, of course, so I’ll see you all very soon!

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