City Lights

Apologies to Charlie Chaplin for ripping off the title to one of his greatest, most memorable and touching films. But I couldn’t resist. I was shopping in and around Columbus Circle yesterday and managed to stay sane and uplifted amid the crowds and chaos, thanks to the enchanting holiday lights strewn everywhere – in the trees, in the stores, and all around midtown. Just taking a minute to stop and look at the decorations really keeps you from losing your mind!

Even though the Time Warner Center is somewhat of a monument to commerce and materialism, it can be temporarily forgiven with their giant, luminescent glowing stars, hung annually from the lobby ceiling during the Christmas season:

These beauties change color every few seconds, and it’s pretty cool to watch! Though I think it would be much nicer without the Armani Exchange sign in the background. (that store sucks!):

The Time Warner Center is headquarters for CNN. I have seen Anderson Cooper walking around there three times that I can remember: once on the escalator, once in the lobby, and once waiting on line at Jamba Juice downstairs 🙂

I stood on the staircase of the J. Crew store just to get this picture, looking out and down toward Columbus Circle. I liked the way the red car lights looked mixed in with the tree lights:

Before I knew it the sun had gone down, and the street lights came into full illuminated glory. This is outside Time Warner, around 6:20 PM:

This time of year, Columbus Circle is taken over by an outdoor market with vendors selling their wares. Here are some holiday shoppers sticking it out through the cold temperatures:

You can view all the pictures I took for this series on my Flickr page. I hope they bring you some holiday cheer! 🙂

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. And warm wishes to everyone for a wonderful, joyous season. I’ll be pretty busy the next couple of days – cooking, family, gatherings, etc – and so probably won’t have time to blog until the weekend. I’ll miss you! But I’ll be here . . .

For a compassionate, peaceful world . . . love and blessings to all 🙂


10 thoughts on “City Lights

  1. LK says:

    The last picture looks like you caught a shoplifter in action! : )

    When I clicked the page with the snow falling over the pictures, I was lit with a sudden burst of Museworthy warmth…thank you so much…

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you Claudia,


    • artmodel says:


      Shoplifter? In New York?? That’s kooky talk!! 😆 Just kidding of course. But it’s funny you mentioned it because one of the vendors who was selling jewelry put up a little sign in front of her stand. It read “Please stop stealing! I have children to feed!” Ah, the Christmas spirit!

      I’m happy that I provided you with comforting “Museworthy warmth”. Hey, it’s what I’m here for 🙂

      Thanks for your comments. And happy holidays to you too, friend . . .


  2. Lin says:

    Happy Christmas Claudia!
    Hope it’s a good one 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi Claudia

    Thanks for your recent holiday posts (have been busy getting some work finished before Xmas (who wants work back before Xmas?!), but have enjoyed being distracted by Museworthy (though was most sorry to hear about the sadnesses in your life that are connected with Xmas; good, though, that you feel now able to enjoy Xmas again. I read the blog about your dog and have to say I shed a tear in empathy, having lost our 21 year old cat this year, and quite a few pets before …). Anyway, time for Christmas cheer now! I loved the snowy women paintings (oh, if only I could manage such glamour in the snow – or any time really!) and also your great shots of NY’s Xmas lights. A friend’s daughter has just left to spend two weeks in NY, so it looks like she’s in for a fantastic time.

    Well, all those Xmas preparations are still awaiting, so I’d beter get on with them – have a briliant time with family and friends and will look forward to whenever Museworthy resumes.

    Wishing you both ‘Happy Holidays’ and a ‘Merry Christmas’!


    • artmodel says:

      Such lovely comments, Jennifer. Thank you! I’m so sorry to hear about your cat 😥 Losing a beloved pet is very hard. But 21 years is a nice long life for a cat! My Mom’s friend had one that made it to 19, so yours has her beat.

      Your contributions to Museworthy are always a joy. I appreciate you being such a steady visitor. And I’m humbled that you enjoy coming here 🙂

      Warm holiday wishes to you, Jennifer. Have a great one!


  4. Rupert says:

    I love commerce and materialism. I love Botero. I love Adam and Eve. I love the whole world on Christmas Eve. And I greatly enjoy (love seems a bit strong) reading your blog. Merry Christmas

    • artmodel says:


      Score a point for commerce and materialism!! Man, you would LOVE New York, since those things are the lifeblood of this town. And I’ve been meaning to get to Botero on this blog, so I appreciate the reminder. I’ll do a post just for you.

      Thanks for your fun comments! Merry Christmas to you . . .


  5. Blake says:

    Nice snapshots, Claudia. I was at the TWC over the weekend and enjoyed the holiday decorations as well. But I have to disagree about the A|X store; it was one of the most festive stores in the mall. I was not impressed with the holiday decorations in any of the other shops (some were non-existent). And when I stopped in the store, I was equally impressed with the friendly service (and the jeans I picked up for $39).

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your photos and happy holidays.

    • artmodel says:


      I might just give AX another shot now based on your positive endorsement. I’ve never had good luck there finding clothes to my taste. Maybe it’s better for menswear? We’ll see. But I’m glad the experience was a good one.

      Thanks for liking my pictures, and thanks also for posting a comment. Happy New Year!


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