Winter Women

Well it arrived, as promised. The northeast’s first winter blast of the season. Almost twelve inches of snow has fallen down on our city. Out here in the distant sections of Queens it feels like more. Strong winds created large drifts and smooth white hills, burying everything in its path. And I do mean everything. I couldn’t see my front steps this morning!

I’m lucky to have nice neighborhood boys who thoughtfully do shoveling for people on the block. People like me who don’t have a big, burly man on call to heave snow around. Instead I have Michael, a great kid across the street who I’ve known since he was five. But I am no exploiter of child labor! I pay him well, and I also do my part by pitching in with the shoveling. I’m just waiting for the moment he lobs a snowball at me 😆

Only Tamara de Lempicka would portray a woman shoveling snow while donning full makeup, perfectly-coiffed hair, and a plush red and white turtleneck. I guess physical labor is no excuse to forgo glamour, right? For the record, I do NOT look this way when shoveling snow. I look like a red-nosed, disheveled wreck. Sorry Tamara. My glamour meter falls way short of your standards! This is St. Moritz:

Andrew Wyeth was definitely in tune with the changing seasons of nature, having spent all his life living and working in rural parts of Pennsylvania and Maine. He extolled winter in particular, stating that it allows you to “feel the bone structure of the landscape”. Well said.
This is Wyeth’s famous model and muse Helga, in Refuge, from 1985:

Mexican muralist Diego Rivera was a Communist and frequently addressed political issues in his works. Thus he was no stranger to the toil and hard labor of workers and peasants. In addition to his empathetic portrayals of flower-pickers and corn-gatherers, he painted a woman shoveling snow in Mujer Recogiendo la Nieve:

You know what I just realized? Shoveling sucks. But sledding is fun! I think I might head over to the park at the end of my street and partake in the winter frolicking 🙂
See you all later!

4 thoughts on “Winter Women

  1. Have to admit Claudia, I like Tamara’s far better than Andy’s or Diego’s, maybe not as realistic but hey, it’s art, not life.

    Nice winter woman choices.

    • artmodel says:

      Jim, thanks. I wish there were more winter women to choose from. I didn’t find as many as I had hoped. But I’m glad that the three I used are of very different styles, which is cool.

      I agree. I like Tamara’s the best too.


  2. Andrew says:

    The woman in the turtleneck is not shoveling. She’s supervising. 😉

    Did you notice the KGB agents lurking behind the snowbank in Diego Rivera’s work?

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