Late November

I’ve concluded that autumn is the best time of year for nature photography. Either that, or I simply had a very good day in terms of inspiration, stimulation, and visual perception. My Sunday stroll through my local park produced some pretty decent photos, and I found myself genuinely excited and enthusiastic over the subject matter I encountered. I should mention, however, that “excitement” for me translates into dying leaves, hollowed-out, decaying tree trunks, moss, bark, and depleted branches. I confess that I love that stuff. Maybe I’m weird, but to me there’s something extraordinarily beautiful about the end-of-life cycle in nature. Things shriveling up, drying out, breaking apart. I look at such sights, and I don’t see it as disintegration. I see it as teeming with life, perhaps because these organic forms are undergoing a transformative stage, which is characteristically active and vital. Reconfiguring. Adapting. That is the essence of life.

If any of these photos strikes your fancy, please click and enlarge, as it makes all the difference. Much more detailed and vivid. Besides, I had my digital-macro setting on so you must take advantage of it!

Equally majestic with or without leaves, this is the most kick-ass tree in the park:

These seed pods are everywhere, but I don’t know which trees produce them:

Truffles anyone?

I LOVE decaying tree stumps. Love them! They’re like sculpture to me. The more decaying the better:

This little girl was piling leaves and branches on this fallen tree limb:

I think moss is one of the most awesome things on the planet. Look at this lush carpet, bringing bright green beauty to an otherwise drab dirt pile:

These two little girls were playing hide-and-seek with their father. So cute:

Our softball field, officially on hiatus for the winter. Perched in the chain link fence behind home plate, this leaf will watch over it until spring:

And last but not least, my affectionate tribute to my dear friend Fred Hatt, who recently published an exquisite, impassioned, life-affirming blog post about weeds. If you haven’t seen it, you must!
Here’s my photographic capture of weeds. I think Fred’s are a little better! 😆

7 thoughts on “Late November

  1. Eric Clayton says:

    Ah Claudia, you have the eye of an artist and the soul of a poet. Lovely images.

  2. fredh1 says:

    There are so many different textures and colors and manifestations of life in even a fairly small urban park. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the plug!

  3. LK says:

    Next to the drawings of you, these posts add so much flavor to your blog, in conjunction with all of the mass of art info I learn here (I still to this very second have never missed a single solitary post!). I love these pictures and I feel a longing to visit with other parts of the country…you make NY look simply gorgeous, I never knew. These colors are just beyond rich with integrity. I guess there’s something to say for us folk who find excitement in decaying stumps and flaking tree bark…I feel very much better now.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Claudia,

    Your friend,

  4. Jennifer says:

    I got distracted by some external going-ons during my first look through your photos and have returned for a proper viewing with my morning coffee! Beautiful photos from what was obviously a gorgeous late autumn day. We inherited a dog earlier this year when my mother-in-law died so I’ve been out and about in the parks more than would usually be the case and have also been enjoying kicking through the fallen leaves and enjoying the sculptural forms of denuded trees – unfortunately, more than the dog, who’s turned out to be bit of a wuss that doesn’t like rain, cold or wind and takes some persuading to go out now that it’s getting colder!

  5. Ken says:

    I could be wrong here, but I think the seed pods are from a Kentucky Coffee Tree

    • artmodel says:

      Ken, you could very well be correct! I should find out for sure, because those things are everywhere around here.

      I’m so glad you commented on this old post, as I enjoyed taking these pictures! Thanks for bringing this “oldie” back to my attention 🙂


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