Art Model Funnies, Part 7

Hellooo, helloooooo! How is everyone? I’m fine, just fighting off a teensy sore throat/cough. Nothing major. I hope my usual concoctions of herbal and natural remedies will do the trick. A lot of teas and apple cider vinegar is involved. It’s chilly here in NYC. Brrr! But it is November after all, and winter is just around the corner.

I have some more cartoons to share for the next installment of Art Model Funnies πŸ˜† Hope they make you smile.

Professional female artist’s models are savvy enough to know that there are a lot of creeps out there, and that some guys who claim to be “artists” actually have ulterior motives. This cartoon by Rex May-Baloo says it all:


The model for the Venus de Milo confronts her past. Very funny from Ian Baker:


Really cute one by Joseph Farris:


And as always, I save my favorite for last. I’m thinking that if Rodin were alive today he would get a kick out of this. I love it. From Harley Schwadron:


11 thoughts on “Art Model Funnies, Part 7

  1. Steven says:

    Some years ago when I went on vacation to Arizona they had an art exhibion of statues depicting everyday people engaged in their hobbies such as strumming a banjo or playing with their dog. I was surprised to read in the brochere that artist first sketched his subjects in the nude beforce creating the finished sculpture. I guess nudity is an essential part of sculpting, even if the final product doesn’t push the levels of decentcy

    • artmodel says:


      Very interesting. It speaks to just how important human anatomy is to creating a figure, even if the final product is clothed. Seeing the body in the nude displays the movement, the weight distribution, the shapes, the proportions, etc. Getting those things right improves the overall realism. We’re all nude under our clothes, right?

      Thanks for sharing and commenting!


  2. Funny! Very funny stuff!

  3. Rog says:

    Try Black Pepper Tea………………… that is right, boil some black pepper, and drink it unstrained… cures it all…. tough to drink though, I have done it several times.

    • artmodel says:


      Great tip, thanks! I love to learn about another home remedy. For the boiling, the black pepper can be in whole peppercorn form, I assume?

      I’m feeling much better today, but I will definitely try your remedy in the future. This time I did very well with black elderberry.

      Thanks again, Rog.


  4. Jennifer says:

    Thanks – made me smile on a very chilly November night!

    (I SO know the first one from an art class that I joined and could only stomach going to once, despite having paid for a term!!)

  5. Jennifer says:

    p .s. Hope you feel better soon – rug up warm against the cold (well, when you’re not posing, I suppose!) πŸ™‚

  6. fredh1 says:

    That last one really doesn’t look much like you.

  7. cantueso says:

    I like the Van Gogh one best, and I think the Venus one is too cruel. Imagine having no arms, no hands.

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