Troubled Waters

I don’t know what happened these past 48 hours but I just suddenly fell into gloom. Between the anxious thoughts in my head and the sadness in my heart, I can’t get a good night’s sleep. I’m agitated and unhappy 😥 And I think I have ugly, sleep-deprived bags under my eyes. A lot of this (but not all) is due to my feelings for J and not being able to act on those feelings. It’s very difficult when you harbor enormous passion for someone and are forced to contain it. Because of circumstances. I was coping pretty well for about a week. But now I’m back to struggling. I wish I could just hear his voice. I really miss the soothing sound of his voice . . .

Seated Nude by Max Pechstein:


2 thoughts on “Troubled Waters

  1. 48 hours and 48 more to go. Oh yes, the ever elusive voice of the ‘beloved’ at a distance. What memories loom in the late night? What heart beats to no reply?
    In time? Containment? What gifts be these that wait and wait and wait?
    This too shall pass.

    • artmodel says:


      I’ve been trying to come up with a clever and/or thoughtful response to your comments, but to avail. They don’t need one. They stand so beautifully well on their own.

      Thank you for your sensitive, poetic remarks.


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