Food, Wine, Family

Now and then, a distracting diversion comes at the most opportune time. I’m grateful when that happens. A big gathering of friends and family is taking place at my mother’s house Saturday night, and it will likely be a joyful, boisterous, and entertaining event. My Mom is an outstanding hostess, always has been. The woman definitely knows how to throw a party!

The welcome aspect of this, besides the people I’m looking forward to seeing, is that yesterday I experienced something of a heartbreak šŸ˜¦ I had my suspicions it was coming, but it doesn’t fully comprehend until it actually hits you. So tomorrow’s get-together should provide some temporary redirection of my mood, which right now is in the toilet.

Of course, I’m going to lend a helping hand to my mother and bring a homecooked dish for what is turning out to be a fabulous culinary feast. After consulting with Mom, I’ve decided to try my hand at this delicious-looking vegetable tagine, from my favorite vegan cooking website. It’s author, Vaishali, is a wonderfully creative, inspiring, and informative cook, and every time I peruse her blog my appetite becomes stimulated by the mouthwatering sights and flavors of her ethnic recipes. She also posts the most precious pictures of her dogs and cats! If I have time, I might also make a Pakistani dahl as a side dish. I LOVE dahl.

I suspect, however, that in addition to carrying out my assistant duties for my Mom – setting the table, serving, cleaning up spills, etc – I will grab private moments to hit the booze. Wine in particular. Must drown my heartbreak somehow. Especially since I’ll be incessantly thinking about, pining over, and yearning painfully for this incredible, amazing person.

So while I will be pleasantly – and fleetingly – occupied with the company of family, friends, food, and drink, and laughter, my true emotional and mental state during the party will more closely resemble this painting by John William Waterhouse, Destiny. You know you’re in the depths of melancholy when you see yourself mirrored in the faces of those sad, reflective, forlorn Pre-Raphaelite women:


Have a great weekend everyone. See you soon.

4 thoughts on “Food, Wine, Family

  1. Brian says:

    It’s at least a good night for a party, considering the weather and all…

  2. Ray says:


    Sorry your going thru a run of negative feelings. I’ts nice that you have family and you can look forward to enjoying your evening with your mom and guests.
    I can’t help noticing that the model in Waterhouse’s painting is what I call beautiful. Especialy by todays standards. Im curious to know what the viewers back than thought of her. The reason I bring it up is because in Victorian times , didn’t men prefer buxum or putting it mildly a heavy women with no muscletone. Looking back at what men liked in a women in those days ,portrayed by other painters especially Luatrec , postcards, stage stars , and old photographs from that time.
    Just food for thought.

    Have a nice time tonight !

    • artmodel says:


      Loved your comments. Glad you brought up the subject of models. The woman here is very beautiful, without a doubt. Unfortunately, the identities of Waterhouse’s models have remained a bit of a mystery over the years. This woman bears a resemblance to Mary Lloyd, and it could be her. But I’ve been unable to verify it. I think she she looks a lot like the model in Waterhouse’s “Boreas”, which appears in this Museworthy post:

      The pre-Raphaelites were known to paint an “idealized” type of beauty. No average-looking models in their work. They are all exquisite stunners. And you’re correct, Ray, in your description of the Victorian standards of beauty; feminine, ladylike, and not plump and full-figured like the preferred women of the Renaissance. The pre-Raphaelites also did very few, if any, nudes. They valued modesty, a reflection of Victorian morality.

      I appreciate your mentioning of my family. Yes, I am very lucky, and have relied on them throughout my life for comfort and stability, especially when my emotional mood swings threaten to get the better of me. Last night was a perfect example – the party was a blast!

      Thanks for your comments, Ray.


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