Birthday for the Bro

It’s already 7:30 in the evening and I still haven’t put up a post for my brother’s birthday!! Couldn’t help it, I was out all day. But it’s still not too late. Chris was born today, September 29th, in 1964. I found a video that has personal significance to he and I. Those of you who are old enough may remember the Herbie Hancock album from the 70s, “Headhunters”. The big hit from that album was called “Chameleon”, and Chris and I used to play that thing over and over and over again, really loud in the house, until our Dad was ready to lose his mind! The track went on for like 15 minutes!

My brother was so funny. He used to play air bass and do his best funk musician impression. I, as the little sister, sat on the bed laughing and enjoying the show, attempting air drums and air keyboard. Chris was much better, though. He’s got the funk!

Happy Birthday Chris!! I love you so much! You are the BEST older brother any girl could ask for 🙂

This is some vintage 70s right here. Chris will be cracking up laughing when he sees this. Peace, and funk out my brother!

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