College Girl Redux

Yesterday’s modeling assignment took me on a nostalgic time travel journey. I was thrust back twenty years into my past, to a time when I was young, wide-eyed, and had my whole life ahead of me. My friend Clarity Haynes, an amazing artist and instructor, is now teaching at my old stomping grounds, my alma mater Adelphi University. When she asked me to pose for her drawing class I answered enthusiastically, “At Adelphi?! Absolutely!!”. Coolness. My old college πŸ™‚

It was such a trip driving out there from Queens to Garden City, Long Island, on a familiar route I drove countless times, usually speeding down Jericho Turnpike because I was late for class. As I pulled my car into the parking lot yesterday a wave of sentimentality washed over me, and I smiled. Hey, why not? I enjoyed college, and Adelphi University was good enough to grant me a degree. How I managed to earn my credits amid so many youthful distractions – namely my college girl crushes on the history professors – is still a miracle. But I pulled it off.

Clarity told me that the campus is looking beautiful and she was right. It was magnificent! Adelphi has always had a gorgeous campus but it looks even better than I remember it. Clean, perfectly landscaped, garden flowers and shrubbery, birds chirping, and fabulous sculpture pieces scattered among the greenery. Oh my god, Blodgett Hall! There it is! And the Library! Site of many an exhausted nap during final exam week.

For four years I was a hardworking, dutiful student at Adelphi. (Well, dutiful most of the time!) And here I was returning 20 years later, not to teach or attend an alumni event, but in an entirely unrelated capacity – to strip nude and pose for a drawing class! That Bachelor’s degree in History is really going to good use, don’t you think? πŸ˜† But life’s course is unpredictable, and as long as we are true in ALL our pursuits, we are successful. I was genuine as a student, and now I’m genuine as an art model. And yesterday they met, in room 308 of Blodgett Hall. Good to see you again Adelphi! Thanks for the education.

Watercolor by John Singer Sargent, Genoa, The University, 1911:


2 thoughts on “College Girl Redux

  1. Ron says:

    Very cool. You could have worn a cap and gown during the breaks.

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