Happy Model

Okay, maybe I spoke too soon in my last post. Yeah I had a rough first day at FIT, but I let it prey on my mind too much and impulsively posted my concerns on the blog. Ooops! Sorry everyone! You see, after that Wednesday double I posed Friday at Spring Studio and it was a terrific night! The usual gang of artists/friends was there – Eleni, Ray, Damian, Bob, Kamal, John, and Minerva the director of course. People I’m very fond of and feel comfortable around. We all had a lot of fun! I was in good spirits and very pleased with my modeling. There was laughter all around, enjoyable conversations on breaks, and Minerva didn’t get mad at me for accidentally hitting her in in the face (don’t ask!). What a difference a day makes. Well two days. Whatever.

So it behooves me to retract my previous concerns, and consider this post a formal renunciation of the last one. Just call me Ms. Backpedaler! Perhaps I should try a career in politics πŸ˜†

I do – and STILL – love art modeling. It’s hard not to when you pose all night and then see results like this watercolor by Sandro LaFerla. I first met Sandro at the Salmagundi Art Club a couple of years ago and he has painted me many times since then. Sandro was at Spring on Friday night and managed to capture, in ten minutes, this standing pose I did – stepping forward, arm placed behind me resting across my lower back.


Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. Just a note that Museworthy’s birthday is approaching and more fun stuff is on the way! By fun stuff I don’t mean me reporting every nuance of every mood and every neurosis and every insecurity that strikes me. I have to stop doing that! <— who am I kidding? Of course I'm gonna keep doing it πŸ˜†

8 thoughts on “Happy Model

  1. swatch says:

    This is great work. Thanks for the link to Sandro’s website – his paintings are so full of light

  2. planetcity1 says:

    Thanks for introducing us to Sandro’s work. And, to my mind, you haven’t lost a beat when it comes to modeling. As to your posts, the passion comes through in every post, which is a very, very, very good thing πŸ™‚

    • artmodel says:


      A million thanks for your kind words and comments. They made me smile πŸ™‚

      If, as you say, I haven’t lost my modeling beat or my passion, then I must be doing pretty well!

      Good to hear from you, my blogging friend . . .


  3. D says:

    Ha, I was right, when I read your last entry (but was too in a hurry to post a reply), and am glad–was going to say I figured it was one of those days that things just don’t “click”, but then the next day might bring along a session where All is RIght with the World πŸ˜† (and was going to ask if you had a gig in the near future at Spring Studio πŸ˜‰ ). Had one of those fun gigs myself this past weekend. πŸ˜€


    • artmodel says:


      You have superb intuition. Or you’ve just been reading Museworthy for so long that you know my head better than I do! Scary πŸ˜†

      Thanks for commenting!


  4. LK says:

    Claudia, to try and not write about our nuances and insecurities and neuroses is to try and not write about the things that make us human. In response to a woman who asked him how she could go back to enjoying life since she’d aged, Oscar Wilde replied, “go back and repeat all the mistakes you’ve made.”

    I love, though, how you corrected yourself at the end assuring us you wouldn’t actually be censoring yourself.


    • artmodel says:


      I love that quote from Oscar Wilde! Brilliant as always. Thanks for sharing it πŸ™‚

      Yes, the personal disclosures will keep on coming. I guess I can’t help myself! I’m fortunate, though, to have thoughtful, sensitive readers like you who care, empathize, and occasionally relate to my “issues”.

      Thanks for commenting, dear friend . . .


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