“The Cove”

To all Museworthy readers; if you have the opportunity, if a theater near you is showing it, I urge you to go see the movie “The Cove”. I saw it yesterday here in New York at the Angelika, and I am still stunned, heartbroken, angered, and profoundly moved by what I saw. I can’t even fully describe what I’m feeling. I just bumped my planned blog post to put this one up instead, that’s how strongly I am compelled to get the word out.

You know how most movie trailers make a movie look better than it really is? Well that’s not the case here. This is harrowing, impassioned filmmaking. Check out this trailer.

If you care about the earth, animals, and the environment, if you want to know the ugly truth beneath the surface and the deceitful actions of government, or if you just appreciate extraordinary documentary films, then you must see “The Cove”.

Check for screenings and read reviews at The Cove website.

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