Cat in a Box

You have not truly lived until you have witnessed a cat in a box. If you haven’t, then you are missing out on one of life’s most profound experiences. Problems at work? Look at a cat in a box. Marital discord? Look at a cat in a box. Named as a defendant in a multi-million dollar lawsuit? Ah, forget it. Just look at a cat in box 😆

This is the secret to life right here. My boy Monty, IN A BOX!


His BFF, known as Punk, IN A BOX!


My blogging friend and fellow artist’s model Waverly made the wise suggestion recently that I publish a cat post to lift my spirits out from the evil beast. I told her I would follow her advice and with a “surprise”. So here it is. When Punk showed up out of nowhere last year, I assumed she was a male but with no actual proof. It turns out she is a female, and has graced my garden with two precious creatures. Congratulate me everyone. I’m a grandmother!!!

Here are Punk’s twin babies, IN A BOX!!!!!!


Monty is NOT the father. The father is some strange roaming male who was harassing Punk for a couple of days and has never been seen again since knocking her up. Typical male! Only cares about sex 😉

Punk and one of her troublemakers hanging out by the hydrangea bushes:



I’ve already spoken to my local vet. They told me that they do spay feral females and that I can bring Punk in as soon as the kittens are weaned. She lets me pick her up without too much resistance, so I’ll be able to place her in a box – um, “carrier”.

Monty again, ON TOP OF a box. He broke it from doing this. It collapsed right under him after I took this picture:


If you’re wondering what came in that box, it was something beautiful for my garden. Here he is:


Because I’m totally obsessed with this, here’s Monty one more time, IN A BOX!!!!!!


I don’t know what I would do during these difficult weeks without the wonders of nature and animals. They provide immeasurable joys and smiles. You were right Waverly, thank you.

My hydrangea bushes in their blooming glory:


10 thoughts on “Cat in a Box

  1. swatch says:

    Cats have it all figured out. What interesting hydrangeas – I have never seen such flowers! And I love the patterns in your photo – S

    • artmodel says:


      Cats do have it all figured out! I envy them.

      I forgot the specific name of that hydrangea species. But I’ve had those plants for years now, and they look more beautiful with every season. They photograph great!

      Thanks Swatch.


  2. lkwinter says:

    You are doing a wonderful thing by Punk. Having her spayed right after having kittens means she will know the meaning of being a loving mother, and yet have a peaceful life now out there. Oh, and of course she’ll never have to worry men having sex with her and then disappearing out of her life ever again. 😀

    The cat in the box thing is truly a bizarre phenomenon to observe, but I hope this aided in further destruction of the beast by any measure.


    • artmodel says:


      I agree completely about Punk. It’s nice that she had the opportunity to experience motherhood, something that comes naturally to all female animals. And what a wonderful mother she is! So protective and doting and affectionate. It’s beautiful to see, and I love watching her with the two babies. After she is spayed, hopefully the tomcats will leave her alone 😉

      Thanks for your comments!


  3. Lin says:

    I love your cats, I really do! “Cat in a box” is a classic.
    Wish you lived over here – we’re after new additions to our kitty family and we’d love to adopt a couple of those kittens later this year!

    And hydrangeas too….my favourite shrub! I collect them, you know. I’ve planted three different varieties this year alone.

    A wonderful post, Claudia. Yes I’m sad about the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett too, but your post really lifted me today. Thank you!

    • artmodel says:


      As always, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments! I must admit that “cat in the box” is pretty cool. I wish I had more pictures of it.

      A friend of mine expressed some interest in adopting one of those kittens, but so far I can’t get my hands on either of them. They might just roam off when they’re old enough. Punk herself just showed up out of nowhere. Cat behavior is hard to predict.

      Yes, hydrangeas are awesome aren’t they? I love them because they are ornamental and lovely, but also very rugged. Mine are consistently healthy and robust. Your garden sounds so wonderful, Lin! I wish I could see it.

      Thanks for mentioning Farrah’s passing. She suffered terribly with her illness. My brother was among the millions of boys who had her red swimsuit poster in his room.

      Thanks so much for you comments, Lin!


  4. Rog says:


    I just realized… you have a Cat Sub Division in your garden.


    • artmodel says:


      Are you by any chance referring to my “deluxe outdoor cat house” in picture 3? Oh hells yeah!!!! I don’t mess around when it comes to animal care. My ferals get the best of the best. And I don’t even charge them rent on that thing! 😆


  5. Waverly says:

    Hey girly,

    I’m glad you are feeling better. I can feel you shining here in Texas.

    With love,


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