My Friend Frida

“I drank to drown my pain, but the dammed pain learned how to swim . . .”

– Frida Kahlo

Frida understands. She gets it. Polio in childhood, a crippling trolley car accident in her teens in which she suffered a broken spinal column, broken collar bone and eleven fractures in her right leg, and then in her adulthood, a marriage to Diego Rivera. Frida Kahlo was best friends with pain, both physical and emotional. And the quote above describes the cunning nature of pain. In it, Frida speaks of pain like a separate entity, like I do when I talk of “the beast”. It is its own creature, it’s own wily, unscrupulous creature that can outmaneuver its victim with impressive guile.

I’m writing this post because I’m fucking pissed off, frankly. I’m sick of this asshole beast and his crap, pulling a fast one on me left and right. I hate him. I want him to just leave me the hell alone and go away already!  Today was yet another day this prick stole from me, like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. Grrrr, grrrr! Dammit.

From Frida Kahlo, Surrealist artist and godmother of pain, this is The Broken Column, 1944:


4 thoughts on “My Friend Frida

  1. Lin says:

    As you know I love Frida and her work. The lady sure kicked ass!

    This is one of my favourite all time pieces. I live with pain on a daily basis, and yep, it feels just like Frida’s painting. Powerful art, so thank you for featuring it!

    • artmodel says:


      Yes, I know you are a great admirer of Frida. She’s always been one of my favorites too. But I understand the unique kinship you feel toward her with regard to physical pain. This painting is intense, unvarnished, and brutally honest, in characteristic Frida Kahlo fashion. Here’s to kicking ass!

      So glad you enjoyed this post, Lin. And thanks for commenting.


  2. ray says:

    Hi Claudia

    Yes I see you speak of the beast(depression) as a seperate entity, I guess that good becase it has not become one with you. I know it.s a horrable state to be in an can only empathize with you.
    I was told once that depression is inverted anger. Meaning its an anger that you have that you can’t do anything about. So it manifests as a depression.

    All these blogs that you do are fantastic and I have learned so much. But on one hand some not all of these people have had unhappy deppressing gut wrenching lives.The artists and the muses alike.
    I am going to offer a sugestion, you can do what you like with it. May be write about some muses or artists that did not suffer from emotional or psychiatric problems. Just untill the depression lifts .

    hope you feel better Ray

    • artmodel says:


      Inverted anger is one explanation for depression, and I don’t dispute it. I often feel anger and hostility during depressive episodes, but the more dominant emotions are sadness, despair, and anxiety, for me at least. Depression is an umbrella.

      It’s true that many of the artists and muses I’ve written about have suffered their share of “issues”. Seems to be prevalent in artistic fields but it is by no means exclusive to them. I seem to recall writing about a few people who were pretty content and well-adjusted. I’ll have to dig around my archives to find them 😆

      Thanks, Ray, for your thoughts and your well-wishes. Much appreciated.


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