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It’s arrived!!! The Spring 2009 issue of American Artist Drawing magazine! I’ve been eagerly anticipating this day for weeks. Why am I so excited? Because this issue contains a ten page article on one of my best friends in the whole world, Fred Hatt!!! Yay!! 🙂

Fred was interviewed by John A. Parks, and what a truly fantastic job John did. His profile of Fred is perfect and contains many thought-provoking and insightful quotes . I must add though, with all due respect to John and his interviewing skills, Fred is an immensely quotable guy! I know this from being his friend for years and having had the pleasure of engaging in many an engrossing conversation with him. Communication and expression come naturally to Fred, both verbally and visually, intellectually and intuitively.

I am Fred’s model for “Orgone Field” which appears on page 71 of the magazine, and I’m thrilled that a drawing of me was chosen for the article. That particular drawing appeared on Museworthy back in December 2007. You can see it here. Among the other images included, “Verso” on page 68 is not to be missed. And Fred’s striking portrait of Anna Marie appears on the cover. Yes, the COVER!

Fred is more inspired by the human form, body, and spirit, than any artist I’ve ever known. He believes, almost like a religion, that movement and gesture comprise the very essence of his work. It is for this reason that Fred’s drawings are imbued with such energy, excitement, and vitality. They jump right off the paper, and it is undeniable to the viewer that his subject was drawn not from a cast, a photograph, or a copy, but from a living, breathing human being. An individual before him.

Fred Hatt is a true “model’s artist”. He treats us as nothing less than equal collaborators, and understands that models- their bodies, faces, and spirits- are the lifeblood, the muses, of figurative art. The art models of New York LOVE Fred. And he loves us right back 🙂

Since Fred is such a prolific artist with an abundance of drawings in his collection, I imagine that the editors must have had a hell of a time choosing images for the magazine. So I’ve decided to post a few of Fred’s drawings that don’t appear in the article. Some favorites of mine, these showcase his dexterity, originality, and remarkably observant eye.

This is “Stretch”:






Dearest Fred, congratulations baby on your well-deserved recognition. I am so proud of you and privileged to be your friend and colleague. It’s an exciting and inspiring time. Enjoy it! And kudos to Bob Bahr, John Parks, and everyone at Drawing for consistently putting out such an intelligent, superb magazine. Although I read and enjoy it regularly, the Spring 2009 issue is my favorite so far 🙂

Visit Fred’s blog at Drawing Life for great discussion and commentary, his art website for a more complete portfolio, and his photography website for a stunning visual cavalcade. The magazine is on newsstands now and will be until August 2009.

13 thoughts on “Profile in Artistry

  1. Lin says:

    Awesome work. Congrats, Fred!

  2. babahr says:

    We DID have a helluva time narrowing down the choices. We could have done a couple of other articles showcasing other aspects of Hatt’s work!

    Thanks for the shout-out. Love your blog.


    • artmodel says:


      Not only does Fred have such a quantity of work, but so much of QUALITY. What a difficult task you guys had! But you did a great job. Nice selections.

      You’re more than welcome for the shout-out, but thanks to you too for the terrific work you do.

      I’m delighted you like the blog! And honored to know that you’re reading 🙂


  3. ColdSilverMoon says:

    Great article – thanks for the heads up, Claudia! Those of us who have been drawn by Fred should feel honored. As your sample demonstrates, he is a superb artist with a wide array of talents. Congrats, Fred, on an excellent article – well-deserved!

    • artmodel says:


      As a fellow model you know how exciting and rewarding it is to pose for Fred. His style of drawing is the epitome of what it means to be a life model.

      Thanks for your praise and recognition of Fred. He really deserves it, especially from our perspective.


  4. fredh1 says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your compliments, and thanks especially to Claudia, my greatest promoter!

    • artmodel says:

      “Promoting” you, Fred, is sheer joy and pride on my part. And you’ve earned every bit of it.

      Anything for you, my darling friend 😉


  5. PADoug says:

    Freds work is fantastic! I started doing watercolors to see if I could match a boldness in colorful style of the human form. But I didn’t really understand what I was missng until i got n the modeling platform myself. The instructor kept mentioning the many colors of my body..blues, greens, reds, and I began to understand that pale-while really isn’t white after all. The mixture and richness of the colors, the movement within the poses, even within the anguish of the last piece, are as inviting as a backyard party.

    Think of it like this: You’ve just completed a long and laborious walk through the city or countryside. Your neighbor has a pool, where everyone is skinnydipping, a little music is playing, and there is some light chatter about how beautiful a day it is outside. Are you NOT going to want to join them? Perhaps you would rather keep your modesty, and move on. Not me. I love the city and countryscapes. But there is no comparison to the awe and majesty of the human form. Thanks Fred. Again, wonderful job! And thank you, Claudia, for bringing such light for the rest of the world to see.


    • fredh1 says:

      Doug, I am really moved by your comments!


      • PADoug says:

        Thank you Fred. I think, on a 3rd or 4th look, I can understand your love of gestural poses. They are my favorites, and are univerally recognized in Athletics, Dance, and everyday “working” activity. As an artist, I love the spontinaity. As a model, the challenge is sometimes overwhelming, but well worth it when students and instructors compliment you. You undoubtedly have some excellent models to work with (present blogger included). Keep up the good work! Now if I just lived a bit closer to New York…



  6. Alex says:

    Fred you do have a really unique style!

    Your use and blending of color is fantastic!

    I hope to see more of your work.

    Thanks for creating it!


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