Earth Day

Time budgeting is definitely not my strong suit. There are people much busier than I am, with greater responsibilities and more hectic schedules, who do a far better job organizing their time. Sure, my days can get hectic and often involve a lot of running around, but I have no valid excuse for falling behind on errands, chores, emails, and blogging. That last one really hurts 😥

What’s all this about? Well, tomorrow is Earth Day, and I was hoping to compose a magnificent, impassioned blog post in honor of the event. I’m trying to participate in Bloggers Unite and bring more topical and pressing issues to Museworthy. You know, things more important than, say, my muscle pulls, my cats, and my romantic longings. Not the most riveting stuff.

So where is this poetic and elegant tribute to Mother Earth? I haven’t written it! Since freaking Saturday, I haven’t found the time. Can you believe it? I suck. And I can’t throw it together right now because I’m on my blog in a rushed fashion, wedged between just getting home from work and a pile of laundry a mile high, plus mail that has yet to be opened, calls that have to be returned, recycling that has to be sorted, yadda, yadda. I’m drowning! Help! And what about Earth Day?????

I’ve been such a scatterbrain lately. Can’t seem to get anything done. Even now, I’m typing this so fast while my eyes are darting back and forth between my laptop screen and some suspicious-looking pile of papers on my kitchen table. They appear vaguely important and they’re making me nervous. What the fuck are those?? 😯

Overwhelmed as I am with mundane things, I haven’t lost my ability to upload an image. In honor of Earth Day, this is Fairies of the Meadow by Swedish painter Nils Blommer, 1850:


Happy Earth Day everyone! Go green! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Earth Day

  1. fredh1 says:

    Well, your previous post sort of implied that maybe there might be a good reason not to make the blog the top priority for a few days!

    Anyway, who cares about Earth Day? It’s a dumb idea. Every day should be Earth Day! The people on Mars can choose just one day a year to celebrate Earth.

    • artmodel says:


      That is exactly what my intended blog post was going to be about – how EVERY DAY should be Earth Day. Our beautiful planet – teeming with life and diversity and fertility – sustains us and makes our existence possible. And we oh-so-generously denote one day out of the whole year as “Earth Day”. Human-centric thinking at its finest.

      Well, it would have been an eloquent paean. If only I had written it! 😆

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Stephen says:

    This post kind of describes for me how I see most of us dealing with environment issues; busy days with good intentions overwhelmed by distractions – followed by guilt. You show us how reflection can elevate us and then, as usual, you give us something beautiful and thought-provoking. Thanks hey.

    Those piles of paper – eek I have those too – and emails that I tune out…

    • artmodel says:


      You always put such a positive spin on my ramblings. Please keep it up! 🙂

      Yes, distractions will do it every time, especially for those of us who are highly susceptible to distractions.

      Nice to hear from you, as always.


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