My February Infirmity

I really have to start getting the flu shot. I never get it and, lo and behold, I get the flu. Duh! Watch me as I put on my idiot badge :pins it to chest, struts around with thermometer in mouth: It’s the strangest thing. I came home from work on Monday, felt perfectly fine at 5:00. By 8:00 I was in bed with chills, sweats, and a 102 fever. Flu comes on with a sudden onset, hits you completely out of the blue. Before you know it you’re bedridden. I’m one of those people who never gets colds, never gets sore throats or coughs, but I’m susceptible to the flu. I’m a freak!

I’ve been stricken with flu three times in the past four years, and every time it’s been in February. The last week in February to be exact. Isn’t that weird? February isn’t my month, I guess.

But I’m already on the mend. My temperature is down to normal and my clothes are no longer sticking to me (yuck). I’m actually going to try to work the two remaining jobs I have booked this week. Then I’m free to relax over the weekend.

I’m holding out for spring, warmer weather, and fit, robust health. So instead of posting an image that reflects how I feel, I’m posting one that reflects how I want to feel: hale and hearty, sun-kissed, surrounded by things blooming and thriving, and best of all, nude without shivering 😆

This is Diego Rivera’s Nude with Calla Lillies:


See you all very soon!

12 thoughts on “My February Infirmity

  1. Diego Rivera’s remind me last spring.. It was so… so nice, warm and very romantic.

  2. ray says:

    Hi Claudia

    Ya know , I was thinking about Rivera the other day, and how nice it would be to be in Mexico. Just lying on the beach soaking up the rays with that breeze coming off the ocean.
    When this bout of flu is over you will feel like a million, and reborn. Spring is around the corner, hang in there and get well.


  3. dougrogers says:

    Hope you were dressed when you stuck in the idiot pin.

  4. ColdSilverMoon says:

    Get well soon, Claudia!

  5. artmodel says:


    The words “spring” and “warm” are very appropriate in describing this Rivera work. One of my many favorites.

    Thanks for your comment.


  6. artmodel says:


    Thanks for the get well wishes. And I like your “beach in Mexico description”! Makes me want to go to travel agent and book a flight 🙂


  7. artmodel says:


    Good one! Funny as always. I like it when you tease me 😉

    You’ll be happy to know I was fully dressed when I stuck in my idiot pin, wearing sweatpants, and shirt layers, and generally unappealing “flu clothes”. Very unsexy, very unglamorous, and very un-art model-like.

    But I’ll be back in the nude soon enough, and no pin-sticking.


  8. artmodel says:

    ColdSilverMoon, thank you! I’m getting there. Not 100% yet, but much better already.


  9. Get well soon Claudia, you need a break in the Country or a quick trip down to the sea front will help a lot. Something to do with the salt in the air!

    Rivera’s wife for a time and her daughter lived near here at Athelhampton see this post.

  10. swatch says:

    A homeopath once told me that we should all allow ourselves to go through the fever induced by flu at least once every two years, without taking anything to reduce the symptoms, as the high temperature kills all the unwanted thingies in our system. She said people who did this had a lower incidence of cancer.

    And – in my experience – change and strong emotions also bring it on – maybe it has something to do with your previous post – just a thought.

    But take it easy and get well soon – S

  11. artmodel says:


    Oh, I could totally live in that house!! Looks like a nifty place to recover from the flu.

    Thanks for your get well wishes. Great to hear from you.


  12. artmodel says:


    I can’t believe your comment. I was JUST READING an article on that very subject last night!! What a coincidence. We must have a telepathic connection 🙂 That fever theory makes a lot of sense. I think when we keep taking fever-reducing things, like aspirin for example, it’s counter-productive to the body’s natural mechanisms. We can all learn a lot from homeopathic medicine.

    Also a good point you make about change/stress triggering illness. My recent work “upheaval” could have compromised my immune system a bit.

    Thanks for the great advice!


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